Lenovo's 27-inch 1440p monitor has great bang-for-your-buck value on sale for $200

Lenovo 27 Inch 1440p
Lenovo 27 Inch 1440p

Upgrading your monitor can be a super expensive prospect. The greater the specs, the higher the price. If you're building a PC on a budget or just looking for a new screen and don't want to break the bank, you need something with good value. In that case, this deal on the Lenovo Q27q-10 is right up your alley. You get a whole lot of value from one screen, especially since Best Buy has the Lenovo Q27q-10 27-inch LED monitor black on sale for $199.99 right now. This is one of the best prices we've ever seen on this monitor, which normally sells for around $240 and definitely sells as high as $300 in some places like Office Depot.

A great budget monitor with 1440p resolution, a 75Hz refresh rate, and 4ms response time. Has an IPS panel for color accuracy and viewing angles, AMD's FreeSync to reduce screen tearing, and the VESA wall mounting standard. Includes 1-year warranty.

When I call this a bang-for-your-buck monitor I mean that for the amount of money you're spending, you're getting a lot in return. For one thing, the specifications are great. The monitor has 2560 x 1440 pixel resolution, a 75Hz refresh rate, and a 4ms response time. That's a higher-than-average refresh rate and faster-than-normal response time, especially for a screen with an IPS panel. The fact that this has an IPS panel just adds even more to the value because usually IPS demands a higher price tag. You get great color accuracy, which improves your image quality, along with maximum viewing angles (178 degrees for both horizontal and vertical views) with an IPS panel.

The screen has AMD's FreeSync technology by default. It works with your AMD graphics card to match the frame rate of your monitor so you reduce screen tearing and motion blur. It has a dynamic contrast ratio, both HDMI and DisplayPort connectivity, and 300 nits of brightness. The screen also has built-in speakers.

While the monitor does have a neat looking stand that should blend in with any modern decor, it does also have the VESA wall mount standard. Remove the display from the stand and put it on your wall or an arm mount.

This is covered by a one-year warranty from Lenovo.

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