Sprint playbook

The latest Sprint Playbook is out, and while the majority of the news is a re-hash of the Sprint Epic 4G Touch news we saw last night in New York, there ares some other interesting tidbits nestled between the pages.  A new device, HTC Holiday rumors, policy changes, and a new customer rewards program are all afoot, hit the jump and check them out.

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Kyocera Milano coming Sept. 9

Kyocera Milano

Decidedly mid-range, the Kyocera Milano will be a sliding Qwerty coming to Sprint on Sept. 9.  With an 800MHz processor and 512/512 ROM/RAM, it's a 3G device running Android 2.3 on its 3-inch screen.  Toss in a fairly beefy 1340 mAH battery and a $50 price tag, and it looks like a fine choice for many.

HTC Holiday coming in September?

HTC Holiday

Rumors about unreleased devices and their release dates are nothing new, but it's always worth a chuckle when one carrier tries to second guess another.  In the latest Android smartphone comparison, Sprint lets us know they think we'll be seeing AT&T's as-yet unannounced HTC Holiday this September.  It's also a nice look at the features of the current available Android "flagship" phones across the U.S. carriers, so it's worth a look.

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ETF changes, upgrade fee increase, and the end of one year plans

Policy changes

no more 1 year plans

All good things must come to an end (or at least end up costing a bit more), and Sprint will be making a few small policy changes worth looking at.  As we've been hearing all day, the ETF will be increasing to $350 for "advanced devices" starting Sep. 9 -- just in time fro the Epic 4G touch launch.  On the same day, the upgrade fee doubles from $18 to $36.  And lastly, starting Oct. 2 Sprint will no longer be offering a one year contract -- to get any sort of a discount you'll have to sign up for two years.

New customer rewards program

Sprint Rewards Me

With no details (they're coming "VERY soon") Sprint will be starting up a new customer loyalty program called Sprint Rewards Me.  "Purchase a new device every 6 months at the National 2 year pricing" looks like a nice beginning, and we can't wait to hear the full details.