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Leaked Samsung slider not the Galaxy S II after all, expect the svelte version we all know and love

Remember that Samsung Galaxy S II slider that we saw a few days back?  Turns out that it likely isn't the Galaxy S II after all, according to BGR, who leaked out the original images.  Just as we already reported, AT&T is now looking to release two new Samsung phones, one being the SGH-i927 with a sliding horizontal qwerty keyboard (pictured above, and mentioned here as well), and a more conventional styled phone that will be the Samsung Galaxy S II for the number two US carrier. 

While we still don't know all the details, the slider will be running Gingerbread and have a current version of the Linux kernel -- both very good things.  We also know it will have a nice looking sliding keyboard, and offer another great choice to Android fans here in the states.  We approve.

Source: BGR

Jerry Hildenbrand
Jerry Hildenbrand

Jerry is an amateur woodworker and struggling shade tree mechanic. There's nothing he can't take apart, but many things he can't reassemble. You'll find him writing and speaking his loud opinion on Android Central and occasionally on Twitter.

  • Okay, so we know that AT&T and Sprint are pretty much staying true to the GSII. Now, where are you Verizon? :(
  • Could that be the icecream sandwich kernal?
  • Too bad, I'd like a Galaxy S with a keyboard, ala the Epic. Sadly, most people are happy with on-screen keyboards and want their phones to be as thin as possible, anorexic even. I didn't realize by the comments in the last Galaxy SII stories that keyboards were such a divisive subject. You should have seen the rage on some people that their phones would be "ruined" by a physical keyboard and that we physical-keyboard fans are too "lazy" to adapt to virtual keyboards and to get on with the times, lol.
  • "current version of the Linux kernel"? A week ago Linus Torvalds bumped the Linux kernel version from 2.6.39 to 3.0 to commemorate the 20th anniversary.
  • Well it's at least current for Android phones on the market now. It might even be a newer one, since the Kernel version on my Nexus One is while the one in this device is I'm guessing I've got one of the newest kernels publicly available since I'm running a stock version of Android ver 2.3.4
  • Not surprising. This info never sounded right to begin with. People just get ahead of themselves when they see leaked images and go down the wildest goose chases.
  • Thank goodness. I wanted the SGS2 for what it is...the slimmest smart phone on the planet!
  • It won't be once they put an LTE radio...or at least on Verizon, the only carrier thats worth it on.
  • Swype has done away my need for a physical keyboard. I wouldn't bother replying to android central without swype, now I do it effortlessly!
  • Really? This was a surprise.
    I read the comments on the other post with people flipping out about hardware keyboards. It was really funny how long it took before someone brought up the Epic2 this phone is probably a variation on. Dang... Some people's kids ya know...
  • I propose the name "captivate slide". now the question is: exynos or hummingbird, i would bet hummingbird...
  • I haven't seen any Hummingbird pulling in 3000+ scores on Quadrant, so I would guess Exynos.
  • damnit! att needs to get a dualcore slider >>
  • Pooey, guess the waiting game will continue, unless this turns out to be a high end phone
  • Can't wait to see the specs! I tried most software keyboards (samsung, swype, swiftkey) and none of them come close to a real keyboard. I still miss the feeling and typing speed I had on my Blackberry. Yes some people type really fast with Swype or any other software keyboard... I still don't after nearly a year with my Galaxy S. I might get one of those.
  • I have been thinking that a physical keyboard would be better for gaming, so Hopefully their will be a good option on VZW with a 4G slider with dual core.
  • What the hell is this then? Its obviously running TouchWiz 4.0, has an Exynos on board, but is styled like the original US Galaxy Ses.
  • Could it not just be an AT&T version of the Epic 2?