Latest leak shows off the Google Pixel 4's nine new live wallpapers

What you need to know

  • We finally have our first look at all the new live wallpapers that will arrive with the Pixel 4 series smartphones.
  • Six of the nine new live wallpapers darken automatically when the user enables Android 10's system-wide dark mode.
  • The Pixel 4 series will come with three new "Living Universe" live wallpapers depicting Uluru, Australia, Tarout Bay, Saudi Arabia, and Mount Pilatus, Switzerland.

After giving us a detailed look at the new Pixel Themes app and the new 'Recorder' app that will debut with the Pixel 4, the folks at 9to5Google have now shared screenshots showing the new live wallpapers that will be available for the upcoming Google flagship smartphone.

The live wallpapers were found from one of the many apps extracted from a pre-release Google Pixel 4, sent to 9to5Google by the folks at NextRift. As per the report, Google's upcoming flagship will include at least nine new live wallpapers. Out of the nine wallpapers, six will apparently darken automatically when the system-wide dark mode is toggled on.

The default wallpaper that Pixel 4 owners will see when they first set up the phone will be "Doodle." When choosing this wallpaper, users will be given the option to customize it with different themes. A "Do it yourself" toggle will be available too, although it is unclear what it will actually do.

Next, we have a live wallpaper called "Compass", featuring a compass needle. The compass needle will point towards a location that users will need to select before they can set the wallpaper. Just like the "Doodle" live wallpaper, "Compass" can also be customized with various themes.

In the "Come Alive" section, Pixel 4 owners will find the new "Sights From The Sun" wallpaper. This wallpaper will let users watch planets and their moons rotate from the Sun's perspective. Users will be able to change the planets as well as the speed at which they rotate in the customize tab.

The "Come Alive" section will also include new "Leafy", "Rocky", and "Prickly" live wallpapers under the "Garden" series. These were apparently designed in association with Hungarian artist Anna Kövecses.

Finally, we have three new "Living Universe" live wallpapers. The new locations include Uluru, Australia, Tarout Bay, Saudi Arabia, and Mount Pilatus, Switzerland.

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Babu Mohan
News Writer