The Kyocera Echo flexes its muscles, shows off just how durable it really is

One thing some Android devices aren't is durable. We have heard complaints of just how easily the screen of the HTC Thunderbolt scratches (just ask Phil), and we have seen plenty of devices put in their grave after just one fall. But not the Kyocera Echo. Kyocera has taken to its YouTube page to show off just how durable the Echo really is, and give us the low down on what goes into the creation of the device. Be sure to hit the break and check out some interesting lab tests taking place, and see for yourself just how strong this device really is.

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  • That is pretty darn impressive, but at the end of the day it's still a Kyocera Echo.
  • Nice ad. Still wouldn't buy though.
  • But can the phone withstand the brutality of poor sales volume?
  • You don't have too, I did and I do not regret it, it has been dropped and tossed by my children and me and it still working like new and as long as I do not have to worry about having to pay $$$$ to have it replaced due to a cracked screen or a messed up hinge I will keep it. BTW: this is me abusing mine: I ask would you do it to your phone? also my other phone is a Nexus S 4G.
  • Nice vid. But I need a phone that runs fast and has tons of apps. THis would be a great phone for a bartender or construction person or a kid, not a super techie person. Maybe thy should start marketing to those people.
  • is that Sarah Palin?
  • No. This woman can keep her mouth closed.
  • lmao
  • If it only had 4G it would have made the phone much better.
  • Nice homage to Bill Nye there :D
  • Please dont tell me thats going on tv...
  • I don't get the hate for the Thunderbolt's screen - mine has been basically in my pocket since I bought it on March 17th, and has actually taken a few falls, and there is not even the slightest hint of anything that would even come close to resembling a scratch - absolutely nothing. I know it's not exactly on topic, but it was mentioned in the article.
  • Durability means nothing when the phone runs slower than a Motorola RAZR.
  • Dude I got one for my daughter and its very snappy and web browsing is pretty slick. Its not for me but I lke it alot. If I carried two phones I would rock it for a 2. I didnt know that the screens are gorilla glass. Thats even better.
  • Still a piece of crap!!!
  • My wife has this phone. I tried to sway her away from it but she got it and it turns out it is a really great phone. Faster than my rooted EVO. She doesnt use the 2 screens as much as she thought she would but it is nice to have them when you need it.
  • I get that it's built like a tank, I like that kind of build quality even though it lacks all aesthetics, like completely, I'm getting one after all, but seriously like no sense of style, it literally is a god damn tank of a phone, but this is just horrible advertising......
  • As demonstrated by Myth Busters, you can polish a turd. In this case abuse a turd. At the end of the day... Still a turd. Oh, by the way, my TBolt screen is completely blemish free.
  • If this thing was made of Kevlar and Carbon Fiber and had 4G, I still wouldn't be interested in it. If I wanted a Nintendo DS, I'd get one.
  • why does every1 hate on th kyocera echo for? if its wasmade by htc or samsung every1 would jizzing about how kool it is and how bad they want it, what other phone can beturned into a tablet? what other phon has a resolution of 800×960? what other phone.lets u TRULY multitask and not just switch between apps?
  • I'm not saying this is the coolest, fastest phone out there but there is no way the people posting rediculous comments have ever even used it.
  • Is anyone else a little skeptical about their math? Opening the screen 100,000 times, which is 25,000 times more than usual. You mean they normally open the screen 4 times? For some reason, that doesn't sound right.
  • Yeah, that does seem strange. So like HTC or Samsung only slides open their phones 4 times during testing? I have played with this phone at a Sprint store and it seems pretty cool. Not for me though, but I don't think it is deserving of all the bad comments.
  • I got one for my daughter and considered it a throw away phone. But after I set it up for her I played with it. Its a really snappy and cool phone. Its not for me but I really like web browsing and playing games on it.
  • If they open it 100,000 times and that's 25,000 more times then normal, normal would be 75,000 times. They are not referencing multiplication when they say "times." they are speaking literally as in how many times a day you pee. If you pee on average 6 times a day and today you drink a 2 litter of bottle of soda and you now pee'd 10 times, you pee'd 4 times more then you did on a normal day.
  • I expect they meant that 75,000 was the normal testing amount. ie: They opened it 75k times, then another 25k times to get to 100.
  • Did anyone else have a LOST flashback?
  • There is no doubt that Kyocera has made some crap phones. But ive owned my fair share of motorola junk that fell apart. They are making better phones now. Exept for all the problems with my two six month old d2globals on my account.(junk). My old samsung moment had constant slide ribbon problems. Replaced twice in 8 months. But my instinct was a tank. My evo faired well. No case, always in my pocket and i do steel work. But, on vacation it just slipped out of my hand and landed the right way. Screen was done. Its no guarantee either way by any company untill you have used it. Also know one ever wants to hear anything negitive about there current baby.
  • I also am not sure why there hasn't been more love for this phone. I've got a rooted/rom'd EVO and my wife recently got the Echo. She paid $20 for it from Amazon with upgrade. It came with an extra battery and external charger for it. The dual screen thing has turned out much better than even I originally thought. The pre release stuff on it looked like garbage, but they seem to have worked out the kinks. The nearly vanilla version of android is nice and it runs as smoothly as I could ask for. We unfortunately don't live somewhere with 4g so the lack of that isn't a big deal. My wife DOES read tons of books and the extra screen is great for that. It's my opinion that the Echo is a part of what is so cool about android as a platform. The ability to create a niche device that does what it's designed to do and does it well.