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Keep better track of your belongings in 2020 with Tile Bluetooth Trackers at 40% off today

Tile tracker
Tile tracker (Image credit: Tile)

Tile's Bluetooth Item Trackers are the perfect way to make sure you can always find your keys, wallet, or any other important items you can't afford to lose. They've been recently updated for 2020 too, and thanks to a one-day sale at Best Buy, you can save 40% on a selection of the latest Tile trackers while supplies last. Prices start at just $14.99 for a single Mate tracker, and you can save even further by choosing one of the bundles that includes more than one.

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Tile's Bluetooth Item Trackers were designed to make sure you never lose the important items in your life. A variety of the latest models are on sale today only at Best Buy, including the small Tile Mate for just $15 each.

The deal given is no longer valid and we do not have a better one. However, we have found some similar deals

Tile Bluetooth Item Trackers

Tile Bluetooth Item Trackers (opens in new tab)

Up to 21% off

This limited-time sale on Tile Bluetooth item trackers is perfect for those that are tired of losing stuff and keen on saving money. The prices are some of the best to date with as much as 21% off.

Tile Performance Pack 2020

Tile Performance Pack 2020

$39.99 $60.00 Save $20

Includes 1 Tile Pro and 1 Tile Slim. The Slim is about the size of a credit card, is completely waterproof, has a 3-year battery, and a 200-foot range. The Pro can be attached to a key ring, has a replaceable battery, and works up to 400 feet away.

Tile Sticker 4-pack black adhesive Bluetooth trackers

Tile Sticker 4-pack black adhesive Bluetooth trackers (opens in new tab)

$39.99 $60.00 Save $20

We this deal over the weekend, but it expired yesterday. It's back because Home Depot's new sale has it. These trackers attach to items and you can use your phone to find them. Ping your phone, too, even if it's on silent.

Tile Sticker 4-pack 2020 small adhesive Bluetooth trackers

Tile Sticker 4-pack 2020 small adhesive Bluetooth trackers (opens in new tab)

$39.99 $60.00 Save $20

With an adhesive back, you can attach these to things like your TV remote, your phone, or anything else you tend to lose. Use the Tile app to ring the Sticker if it's within 150 feet. Use the Sticker to find your phone if you've lost it.

Tile EC-11002 - Key Finder. Phone Finder. Anything Finder - 2-pack, Style (Gold)

Tile EC-11002 - Key Finder. Phone Finder. Anything Finder - 2-pack, Style (Gold) (opens in new tab)

$24.92 $26.43 Save $2

There are a few different models of Tile trackers, though the Tile Mate is the most versatile. It has a built-in keyring hole that lets you easily attach it to your keys. It's also small and thin enough to be hidden in your wallet, backpack, or purse. The Tile Pro tracker is similar in size and also has the keyring hole, though it has twice the wireless range to make it even easier to locate, and a few other internal features have been improved with this model as well. Today's sale lets you pick up a single Tile Mate for $14.99 or in a 4-pack for $39.99. Meanwhile, the Tile Pro is available in a two-pack on sale for $34.99.

The most versatile pick of all in today's sale is this Tile Mate, Slim, and Sticker 4-pack on sale for $39.99. Tile Stickers are even smaller than the Mate and have an adhesive backing that lets you stick them onto devices such as a remote for your TV or over-ear headphones. Meanwhile, the Tile Slim is about the size of a credit card and a perfect fit for wallets.

Best Buy offers free shipping on orders totaling $35 or more, though you could also select free in-store pickup where available to skip the potential shipping charge.

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