Jelly Bean rolling out to some Verizon Galaxy Nexus units as Verizon's support page goes live

JB Galaxy Nexus 2

Finally, some users are reportedly receiving the Android 4.1 (Jelly Bean) update for their Verizon Galaxy Nexus. As OEMs such as HTC announced their Jelly Bean update schedules, a owners of this key device have been anxiously and impatiently awaiting the update.

Verizon's official support page for the update has also gone live, suggesting that they may be gearing up for a mass rollout. The update will be 146.6MB in size and appears to only be available via Wi-Fi. The build number, JR003O, appears to be official as it is the same one referenced in the support document.

If you have a Galaxy Nexus on Verizon and have seen the same update, we'd love to hear from you in our Verizon Galaxy Nexus Forum! Sing out, send a screenshot, enjoy the Jelly Beans!

Source: Verizon, Android Central Forums

Thanks Lakers!

  • About time. I've been rocking it GSM style for awhile. It's great to see the love finally coming to the CDMA Nexus!!
  • When was jelly bean released?
  • July.
  • 2.5 months, Verizon. Not cool.
  • came out sooner than the 4.0.4 update did, that took like 4 months, at least
  • Yeah, I figured 2-3 months so seems about right. Will probably just past 3 months by time the mass roll out occurs. Of course we'd like it sooner, but VZW's testing takes longer than we'd like.
  • the question, do I go back to stock???
  • I am so over waiting for Big Reg. Took a few lumps, learned a few things and won't bother going back to stock. On JB for a while now and going to stick with it. I would like to flash the new radios if they are updated and better. But otherwise very stable and happy on JB for some time now. And when Key Lime Pie is the flavor of the day. That too.
  • No, flash a rom and the new radios. This update is meaningly past the new radios ;).
  • My radios are exactly what is in the screenshot of the updated stock. So I am on 4.1.1 with the same radios as above there is nothing to see here for those that have Liquid v2 and the latest radio flash...
  • It looks like they went with the standard browser instead of Chrome. Chrome is great but it does not perform nearly as well as the stock browser. Tempted to unroot and enjoy the stock version of 4.1 but I think I will stick with Bugless Beast, it has been quite good to me.
  • You can still use the stock browser on Bugless Beast...I am.
  • any idea where I can find the .apk for the stock browser?
  • Why wouldnt it have the stock browser? Its part of AOSP and has been on the GNex since it launched. People who arent the rooters and modders who have a GNex (small may that number be) would be confused or angry if the stock browers just disappeared after an update. Chrome isnt part of AOSP or GApps, and just because its the only browser thats comes on the N7 and on the new RAZRs doesnt mean its going to be the default on all devices with ICS or JB
  • "just because its the only browser thats comes on the N7 and on the new RAZRs doesnt mean its going to be the default on all devices with ICS or JB" I thought that's exactly what they wanted for JB.
  • It might be, but if they do that it will only be on new devices, they arent just going to take it out in an update. Plus, its still part of AOSP, and it wont be leaving anytime soon, especially since Chrome isnt part of AOSP and cant be used inside 3rd party apps like the stock browser can
  • YES!
  • Wait I must have missed the release of Key Lime Pie if VZW is rolling out JB....
  • lol
  • Wow. Finally, Verizon? Really? You should NOT be allowed to carry Nexus devices, since you clearly don't understand the point of one.
  • I agree its been a long wait and no one is happy about it..but on the bright side even if we are the last of the Gnex's to get JB we are still in the first group of phones to get 4.1.1. thats something right? :D
  • For support threads on our forums, go here: (That's the original link in this post) With more discussion here: OTA Basics: You must be stock. You must have the stock "images" on your phone. No roms. No custom recoveries. No custom anything. The OTA will unroot your device unless you use the Rootkeeper app or decide to root it manually. Also, you must be on WiFi, not 4G, 3G, EDGE, or anything else. It will not relock you, it will not remove your apps or wipe your device in any way. Some apps may be incompatible, so keep that in mind.
  • everything on the About Phone screen matches up with the leaked "unofficial" build that I flashed a while back. minor difference. my Baseband Version is I515.10 V.FF02/I515.FG02. The above screen shows I515.09 V.FF02/I515.FG02.
    And Google Wallet still works on my Gnex.
  • The 9 and 10 represent hardware version. The radios are the same in the official and "leaked official" updates.
  • thanks! now I can rest easy knowing that I won't need to mash the System Updates button.
  • What a great thing to read on iPhone day! Seriously though, a friend of mine got a GNEX on Sprint and I was helping him learn how to use it. He had 4.1 and I could def tell the difference in the flow of things. I'm looking forward to the upgrade. With that said 4.0.4 made my phone work they way I expect; 4.1 should just enhance that.
  • Hell must have frozen over... Seriously, though, I am happy for those still on the stock GNex w/Verizon.
  • Very nice. Some of you need to have some perspective, if you care enough about updates to get on an Android site and bitch and moan then you should root, the rest will probably be happy to be getting the update at all. I know my fiance will be thrilled to get the update.
  • You mean unlock, since that's what you need to do to flash :p.
  • F yeah!
  • I've had this update for...I can't even remember how long. Nice to see that the people with locked Nexus devices(weird, I know)will finally be getting the update.
  • Yeah now all of our Nexus can get along until Key Lime Pie comes around anyway. Really glad to hear for the Verizon crowd.
  • I cleared the data from the google services framework (twice) and then I recieved the update!!!! It's rebooting as I type this.
  • I just got google wallet working again and I am guessing this will break it again!!!
  • I would hate to be a Verizon customer..... except for their FiOS internet which is blazing fast!
  • Been running 4.1 on my Verizon Gnex since that fateful day at Google I/O. Screw waiting from Verizon.
  • Lol I broke down and finally flashed the leaked update (this build as it turns out ) 3 days ago . Works great