Instagram is rolling out a dedicated Reels tab to its Lite app

Instagram logo on a Galaxy S10
Instagram logo on a Galaxy S10 (Image credit: Joe Maring / Android Central)

What you need to know

  • Instagram has released a new version of the Instagram Lite app.
  • The latest update adds a dedicated Reels tab for users in India.
  • Instagram says it added the "feature" to the app because of the traction Reels is seeing in the country.

Back in December, Instagram introduced a clutter-free version of its app for users in India, dubbed Instagram Lite. To provide a smooth experience to users even on low-end phones with limited storage, Instagram got rid of features like Reels, Shopping, and IGTV for the Lite version. However, Instagram has now rolled out a new update for the app, which adds a dedicated Reels tab.

The new feature allows you to watch short-format videos in the Reels tab, but you'll only be able to create Reels from the regular Instagram app. In case you don't see the Reels tab on your phone yet, you will have to download the latest update from the Play Store. While Instagram Lite is currently available only in India, Facebook plans to make it available in other developing markets in the future.

In a statement sent to XDA Developers regarding the update, Facebook said:

Now with this update, everyone using the Instagram Lite app in India will be able to view Reels with the Reels tab. This feature was expedited for India because of the traction Reels is seeing in India, and the early adoption of the new Instagram Lite app.

Even though the app is no longer quite as "Lite" as it was at launch, it still offers a fast and reliable Instagram experience. Instagram Lite weighs in at less than 2MB in size and supports nearly all popular Indian languages.

Babu Mohan
News Writer