Ice Cream Sandwich update rolling out for the ARCHOS G9 lineup

If you happen to be an owner of one of the ARCHOS G9 tablets, whether it be the 7- or 10-inch model, you will be thrilled to know that starting today they will be pushing an OTA update to Ice Cream Sandwich that was promised to be delivered in Q1.

This bump from Android 3.2 to ICS should come warmly welcomed by everyone, and since the ARCHOS G9 lineup is fully certified by Google it will come with all of the Google apps we love, without the need for any hackery. Priced at only £199, or $270 USD, this ICS tablet is definitely something that should peak the interest of a lot of people. Be sure to check out our previous hands-on with the tablets, and let us know when the update hits your device.

Source: ARCHOS

Jared DiPane
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