Hulu now allows downloads for offline viewing — with some caveats

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What you need to know

  • It's now available for Android as of Oct. 22. (Previously was only on iOS.)
  • It still requires the ad-free plan at $11.99 a month.
  • Downloaded items expire after 30 days.

Update: After the usual Android trollout, the update's finally starting to push.

Hulu has rolled out an upgrade that allows subscribers to download shows, movies and entire seasons for offline viewing. It initially was only available on iOS devices like the iPhone and iPad. But on Oct. 22, Hulu has opened it up to Android as well.

There is, however, a catch. Or several catches, that is. Here's the deal:

  • You'll need to have the $11.99-a-month plan that gets rid of ads.
  • And you can only download up to 25 things over five different devices.
  • And you have to watch those things within 30 days.
  • And anything you've already downloaded will expire 48 hours after you've started watching it. After that, you'll have to "renew" it — if it's still available.

So to recap: You can download things to watch offline. But you can't do it everywhere yet, and you can't hang onto them forever. Better than nothing, for sure. But also perhaps a little more restrictive than you'd expect in 2019. On the other hand, Hulu has new corporate overlords by way of Disney, so lawyers are gonna lawyer.

Ain't the future great?

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Phil Nickinson