HTC One M9

HTC is hosting a live stream tomorrow that it's dubbed "Uh-oh", with little more than an image of the new HTC One M9 to explain what is going to happen during the event. A quick look through the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office reveals HTC "Uh-oh" as a trade-in/replacement service with the potential for tech support of some kind to be offered, but with as generic as trademark filings can be sometimes that's not too much more to go on.

Fortunately, a source familiar with HTC's plans has clued us in on some of the details for this HTC event and the services that will be announced on stage. And even if what we know so far is all that gets announced, this event will be a fairly big deal to HTC One M9 owners.

Uh-oh will provide a full year of protection — and that protection will extend well beyond broken glass.

It looks like the big reveal from HTC is a supercharged version of the current plan for replacing broken devices, HTC Advantage. The new "Uh-oh" service will provide a full year of protection — compared to the six months offered by Advantage — and that protection will extend well beyond just broken glass. The addition to broken screens, water damage support is included now, which is a pretty big deal on its own, but interestingly support for switching carriers within the first year has been added as well.

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HTC will also be offering a system that acts as a buyback or trade-in service, which includes up to $100 towards a new HTC One device. It's not clear what devices will be accepted in this program yet or what the values for the individual trades will be, but HTC's plans here resemble mobile trade-in endeavors we've seen both succeed and fail in this space.

We'll be watching right along side you during this live event to see what the caveats are for this particular plan. But as it stands right now HTC Uh-oh is more than a little impressive, and the company will be hoping this unique support package will set its new flagship device apart from the competition.