The suspense is over. The 2009 HTC device lineup has been leaked and these are the reported shots of them. Every potential HTC phone in 2009 is in this post, for now at least. HTC in 2009 looks to be filled with big screens, sleek design, and a whole lot of color (than usual). Most of these have code names for now, but most are definitely impressive and it seems that there's a flavor for every carrier so everyone can join the fun!

You obviously won't be able to see the minute details of each phone in these product shots but you can get the general idea. So which phones do you think will be running Android and which will have Windows Mobile? Which phone is the Telstra anointed Pre-killer?

The rest of HTC's 2009 device lineup is after the jump!

[via WMExperts]

Here's a look at the Sapphire. This could very well be an Android device because WMExperts knows next to nothing about it and it has the affectionate chin. Compared to the G1 the Sapphire is round and earthy instead of boxy and square.

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Nothing says Android device when in parenthesis it says Android Hero. The shape is eerily similar to the G1 albeit cut in a more dramatic fashion. Also, there doesn't seem to be a trackball and this 'chin' is the largest yet. And why pink? There's so many questions, so little answers!

There's an ever so slight chin on the Memphis so we're tossing this with Android. Why is the chin associated with Android now? We don't know and we're not sure we like it but at this point, we'll take any new Android Device.

The Maple aka the 3G Excalibure which is an update of the original Excalibure aka the T-Mobile Dash.

Here's the Iolite, which according to WMExperts, will sport a WQVGA screen, 3.2mp camera, 512 ROM and 228 RAM, WiFi, etc

The Twin seems to be the CDMA+GSM World Edition of the Iolite

The Topaz looks like a HTC Diamond update?

The Citrine and Topaz C look very similar. Why did the Topaz C take the Topaz name then?

The Rhodium, Tungsten, Tungsetn W, and Rhodium W look like updated Touch Pro's aka the AT&T Fuze in sleeker and slimmer packaging.

The Willow and Cedar. We don't know much about these devices

We don't know what to make of the Beryl, Firestone, Whitestone, and Thoth either.

What is this? Off center d-pad? Trying too hard to be different? Beauty is in symmetry HTC!

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