What you need to know

  • The new HTC Vive Pro Eye can now be ordered in North America for $1600.
  • Eye tracking adds new features such as better graphics and new ways to navigate within VR.
  • Companies such as BMW, the MLB, and Ovation are already utilizing the eye tracking features.

The HTC Vive Pro Eye is now available in North America with a $1,600 price tag. The new Vive Pro Eye adds eye tracking to the popular VR headset.

Eye tracking technology adds a lot of benefit for users and the companies that use it. For example, eye tracking will allow you to navigate the menus and make selections hands-free, removing the need for a handheld controller.

One of the apps already using this is MLB Home Run Derby VR, which requires a bat during the VR experience. Even without the typical controller, by using eye tracking you're still able to navigate the menus and make selections while staying in the experience.

Another benefit of the eye-tracking technology is better graphics. By taking advantage of foveated rendering to focus GPU rendering in the direction you are looking, it will be able to increase graphics quality while decreasing the processing power required.

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The eye tracking technology can even make your virtual avatar seem more lifelike by showing your real eye movements and blinking.

Enterprise users will also find more value with the Vive Pro Eye's improved analytics. Clients will be able to view real-time heat maps to see what catches a user's eyes, providing them with more data than ever before.

A company called Ovation is also using it to help provide training for public speaking. Using the Vive Pro Eye, Ovation can tell if you're making eye contact with the audience and keeping them engaged.

Eye popping VR

HTC Vive Pro Eye

Same great VR now with eye tracking

The HTC Vive Pro is one of the most dynamic VR headsets on the market, and now it's gotten even better with eye tracking. If you're looking for the most interactive VR experience with some of the great new features eye tracking will bring, look no further.

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