HTC Sensation XL headed to Three and O2 in the UK

British networks O2 and Three will both carry HTC's recently-announced Sensation XL, according to new entries on both carriers' "coming soon" pages. The Sensation XL, a 4.7-incher with Beats Audio built-in, was unveiled at a swanky event at London's Roundhouse last Thursday. Be sure to check out our hands-on feature for more on the device itself.

Three's listing the Sensation XL with an "October" release date, however based on HTC's own timetable for the device, we'd be surprised to see it anywhere before November. Neither carrier has announced any pricing details, but based on pre-order prices of around £500 (~$775) that've been appearing over the past few days, we'd expect to see subsidized Sensation XLs given for free on contracts of around £30 per month.

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Alex Dobie
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  • VERIZON needs to pick this one up I want it.
  • I believe HTC announce this phone will not be coming to the US any time soon.
  • ~$775 for this whole package? ...or I can buy a regular Sensation for $500 and some proper quality headphones
    How about V-MODA Crossfade LP for $200? or these Audio-Technica ATH-A700 for $150? or Sennheiser HD-518 for around $120 how about Grado SR-225i for $200 There are so many better combinations than that single-cored phone with huge screen and WVGA resolution and overpriced modern Skull-Candys (admit it, that's what they sound like!) Instead of the Sensation you can get some older phones for around the same price: Atrix, G2X... As far as that gimmicky Beats software, I'm sure anybody with some very basic knowledge of music/sound quality knows about equalizers and how to adjust them to their liking. It seems to me that the only reason people buy these Beats (usually accompanied with an iPhone) is because they're sold at Apple stores and they look nice. So with that said most of the people that I've seen with Beats headphones don't care about sound, they just buy because it's the hot new thing...remember a few years ago all the "cool" kids had Skull Candyz, today they've been replaced by Beats. So this to me, is the Android equivalent to the iPhone w. Beats combo. /Rant
  • I have some nice Sony headphones careless bout that. I want the huge screen with beats software. Although Uloops is half way decent.