HTC One X+ specs supposedly leak

HTC has an event coming up later this month where we're expecting at least one new device to be announced. One tipster is suggesting that it will be a device called the HTC One X+ with the following specs. 

  • Size: 134.36 x 69.9 x 9.3mm
  • Weight: 129g
  • NVIDIA AP37 1.6GHZ quad core, 1.7GHZ single core
  • ROM:32GB
  • RAM: 1 GB
  • Battery: 1800 mAh
  • Android 4.1 Sense 4.5

The source has also been posting a bunch of HTC Windows Phone slides on Twitter, which adds plenty of legitimacy to the One X+ claims. He also says the screen hasn't changed since the HTC One X (which has a 4.7-inch 1280 x 720 screen). 

Overall, the One X+ is shaping up to be a decent update. The screen was pretty solid anyway, so not too much to complain about there. HTC's revenues aren't doing so hot lately, so they could sure use a big hit. What would you guys like to see in the next version of the HTC One X? 

Source: @Football4PDA

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  • 32gb storage? thats more like it HTC.
  • to bad it still only has 1GB of ram. sense reloading will continue. because HTC made it that way ;)
  • TBH, I dont see the difference of have 1GB of ram and 2GB of ram in the near future (1-2 years) Yes, there is a big difference between 1gb and 512mb ram. But more than 1GB is just the same. Because the CPU and GPU and Power management is something need to be focus more. There is almost the same in PC: the PC with 2gb of Ram and 4GB of ram is different, but more than 4gb ram seems nonesense :D 1800mah for next high-end phone, HTC you must be careful !
  • I think more RAM makes more sense than a quad-core in a phone. What benefits does the quad-core give you? Slightly better frame-rate during intensive games? Despite what people would have you believe, I've found that there is virtually no use for a quad-core in modern superphones yet as very few to little apps even utilize the extra power or cores. So besides running a high Quadrant score, there's little that can be done. However 2 gb of RAM makes a difference. No longer do apps force close, or do things need to be reloaded.
  • I agree. Sense is still a pig. 2GB of RAM would be *FAR* more useful than a quad core. This must be the international version, since it is the slow NVidia quad instead of the killer S4 Pro.
  • Future proofing maybe ?
  • I have 32Gig in my current HOX. With no word on whether this has an LTE radios, this seems like a very minimal update to me. You will not notice the difference between 1.5 and 1.7 GHZ. Back in April NVIDIA said that GCT Semiconductor, Renesas Mobile, and ST-Ericsson are all working on LTE modems that will work with Tegra 3 chips. So if this chip comes out with LTE, fine, AT&T phones will finally equal the International version in terms of storage. But all of these stories are traced back to ONE SINGLE TWEET by an "XDA Developer" which is pretty vague.
  • This is not true. The US version had this issue. 1. The US version used an S4 which did NOT have dedicated video ram and therefore sucked the SoC's RAM. This resulted in 600MB of RAM for the system afterwards. 2. The international version had the KAL-EL which HAD dedicated video ram, and 980mb of ram was available to the user. That is about a 400MB difference! 3. This HTC+ has a NVIDIA AP37. If NVIDIA knows what it's doing, it's going to give the GPU dedicated video ram again.
  • Still have a non user replaceable battery? Then no sale!
  • With 28 hour run times in normal use being reported, replaceable batteries are a joke. With the cheap external battery packs that will charge the phone in your pocket without even needing a reboot so are the people who insist on replaceable batteries. Give it a rest. Its old. Its tired.
  • Maybe a joke to you. But, for plenty of us, it's a real issue. My phone normally goes all day and has >50% battery left. But, some days, I have heavy usage and I'm out in areas with questionable coverage. On those days, I have gone through 2 and been well into a 3rd battery before I get back to some place where I can recharge. On those days, having a couple of extra, cheap ($20 from VZW) OEM batteries is a lifesaver. And they're so small, I don't even notice having the extra batteries in my pocket. My phone is down for a minute or so while I change batteries. And I don't have to try to use my phone with some battery pack thing attached to it while I'm using it. Where you gonna get an external battery pack that does the same job, for so cheap, and so easy to carry around?
  • @ StuartV +1
  • Right Here. Same price as you paid for one of your replacement batteries. Oh wait, you bought two batteries..... So you want This model. Charges a HOX 4 times. Need more run time than 4 days straight? Try HERE. Hint: You can unplug it while you are actually talking on the phone. And when you get home, you just plug it in, no charging three dead batteries one at a time, or using an external charger that you conveniently forget to factor into your costs.
  • ya, because I want to carry two phone sized devices in my pocket? No thanks. 1800 is hardly a day worth and pathetic.
    S3, 2100
    Droid Razr HD:2550
    Razr HD Max: 3300.
  • If you love phones with non-removable batteries that's great for you. You can keep your HOX. And I'll keep my SGS3 that gets me through most days with 30 battery left, which works perfect for me. And then after 12-14 months when the battery goes to shit just like every phone does, and I can't get through a full day on a charge, I'll replace it with a new one and it'll be good as new again. Don't pretend to think that what works for you also works for everyone else.
  • "And then after 12-14 months when the battery goes to shit just like every phone does" My 4+ year old iPhone 3G will still makes it through a solid day to a day and a half, which is exactly what it did when it was new. My experience with that and several Android phones is that by the time the battery truly craps out, the phone has long since been retired from active use. "Don't pretend to think that what works for you also works for everyone else." And by the very same token, don't pretend to think that because something doesn't work for you, it won't work perfectly well for others. I get the desire for removable batteries, and if I used a phone in a manner which surpassed the capabilities of a non-removable battery, I'd simply choose different phone. It just gets tiring hearing a company constantly dumped on for not targeting the extremist power user for every bloody model. There are those of us who prefer a reasonable size and have no need to tote around 3 and 4 batteries to get through a day. Should we be ignored simply because some people apparently spend the vast majority of their day actively using their phone?
  • You use a 4+ year old phone? Might be time to upgrade...
  • +9000 haha
  • First of all, ha ha ha, you're so funny. Second, while I don't use it as a phone, there are still apps I use on it around the house. And third, exactly how does your condescending laughter change my point that the battery, after 4+ years, still holds the same capacity as it did when it was new? When you can't refute a point you guys resort to belittlement. Nice job. Bravo.
  • @StuartV +10
  • I concur with everything you said Stuart V. If the One x had a removable battery like the Galaxy S3 then I would have gotten it. I will not get a phone without a removable battery, it is essential for me.
  • Don't forget that an external pack is SAFER than carrying 3 unprotected batteries in your pants pocket. Jesus Xst, imagine if one of them burst on your leg.
  • My Droid X also has 28 hours of run time. When all radios are off in airplane mode and I only look at for 5 seconds to check the time. 28 hours on a non-removable, not likely.
  • Hate to break it to you, but with all radios on and using it lightly, I can easily get 28 hours on the HTC Evo LTE...
  • I have the One X and so far my battery has well surpassed my expectations. I currently go through a full day of on and off use and still have half battery life. I previously had a samsung focus and it was drained after the same usage.
  • Common misconception.... You *DO* have a removable battery on both the Evo LTE and One X. They are not quick-swap, however; it takes about 5 minutes to replace the battery because you have to remove screws. As for whether that is considered a "user replaceable" one or not, that is up for debate :) Many people I know can certainly do it, but I know some who could not.
  • micro sd slot...
  • WHY HTC why? 1800 mAH? Why can't you just ante up ur battery game. Its like the one thing thats not up to par.
  • How so? I get great battery life. On par with the S3.
  • But what do you get on your HOX? I've gotten as long as 28 hours, typically 20 every day with a couple hours of screen time.
  • Wait wasn't the International One X already 32GB and Nvidia Quad Core? Same size battery too, what did they upgrade besides a slight mhz boost on the processor? Is this a replacement for AT&T?
  • This makes no sense (pun intended). It's thicker, has the same size battery, the same amount of RAM, but doubles the storage(only a plus if you are an AT&T shopper). The two undeniable weaknesses of the One XL are Sense's memory footprint and the related multitasking issues. Both can be solved, easily, with a bump in RAM. Instead they swap a stellar processor for a different stellar processor and storage space that is annoying but pretty easily sidestepped. A bigger battery, 2GB of RAM, and if we are talking ideal, 32GB of storage is what this phone needed. So they were 1 for 3... and it's thicker. :|
  • Sense's memory footprint isn't so bad on Tegra 3. Maybe this allows them to drop the dual core, save memory. Also don't put too much stock in one tweet.
  • Only thing it needed was more RAM or less Sense (or both). It got neither.
  • It got less Sense in the last update (same with the Evo LTE) and it does help. But having more RAM in a new model would have made a lot more "Sense" (pun intended).
  • Micro SD and removable battery are musts.
  • Neither are necessary.
  • Thanks for speaking for all of us
  • cyksig97 tried to speak for everyone also... they are certainly not "necessary". I will word it more correctly.... "SD and quick swap batteries are nice features to have for many people, but they not as necessary as some people think. For batteries: This is especially true on a phone like the HTC One X and Evo LTE where the batteries are already lasting a long time. For SD: It depends on how much you need to store and how much included storage is on the device."
  • +1 Couldn't have said it better
  • @ice If people want them they are. Apple is the only company right now that has the power to dictate what people want. If HTC does, they will die.
  • Correct, neither are NECESSARY. However, I bought a GS III last week for myself and one for my wife. Paid more than HOX, but did it because I wanted removable battery and micro SD card. I could probably handle not having the removable battery, but no chance I will buy a phone without removable storage anytime soon.
  • I wanted an HTC, but I also bought a GS3 for removeable battery and microSD. I despise Touch Wiz too. HTC you blew it big time. Here's a hint: EVERY TOP DEVICE NEEDS REMOVABLE BATTERY AND MICROSD.
  • Not necessary, but if HTC wants to sell a god damned phone, they better fix these two issues.
  • So the GPU is quad core but the CPU is single core? Is that a good thing? Wouldn't a multicore CPU and a single core GPU be better?
  • Fairly certain that the quad core is the standard CPU and the single-core is the low-power portion of NVIDIA's chipset, though I don't know wtf they're doing these days since thankfully we got the S4 here in the States for the One/S3 phones.
  • That's not what those numbers mean. The number mean that running flat out gaming on all cores you get 1.6ghz. But for non-multi-core tasks you get 1.7 out of any single core. Most apps only run single thread (in a single core) but the OS will allow many of these to run side by side, using multiple cores, but then none will run faster than 1.6. The 1.7 figure is something you would only see in older apps that aren't designed for tegra. Its the 1.6GHz figure that matters. This will still be a 5 core processor, nobody knows what the 5th low-power core speed will be. The more you learn about Tegra, the more you realize it spends most of its time running in the low-power core, because there is just not that much work to do while you are staring at a web page. It can do full 1080 hd video all out of the low-power 5th core.
  • Exactly. Which is why 99.999% of the time, having more than dual core is just plain wasted. For phones- Fewer faster cores are much better than more slower cores. I suppose if the cores perform the same, then more can't hurt, unless it pushes up the price. The dual core S4 is easily as powerful as the Tegra 3's quad, it has been shown over and over again in benchmarks.... even benchmarks that USE ALL FOUR CORES IN THE TEGRA!
  • Actually the fifth companion core runs UP to 1.7 Ghz depending on how demanding the app is. The Four main other cores run up to 1.6 Ghz and scale up or down depending on the demand. If you're wondering where I get my information it says on the article "NVIDIA AP37 1.6GHZ quad core, 1.7GHZ single core" the single core represents the fifth companion core. It is also on Wikipedia. The 28 nm chip increase both battery and marginally performance. Lower chip size means lower temperatures at higher clock speeds, so the older Tegra 3 may be able to handle 1.5 ghz all cores used without charging where as the newer Tegra 3 may be able to handle 1.6 ghz all cores used with charging since the newer chip size produces less heat thus theoretically increasing performance. Also higher clock speed use less energy with smaller chips.
  • I don't think you have that right. This version of the Tegra3 can run at 1.6GHz on all 4 core, If only one core is used it can run up to 1.7GHz. The 5th companion core is low power and runs at 500MHz.
  • Supposedly the fifth companion core runs at 500 MHz. The majority of apps would barely run smoothly. Thats even with GPU acceleration. Remember this is also running the heavy sense UI. Even the previous Tegra 3 had a companion core running at 1.5 Ghz. Also take into account that 1080p videos take a lot of CPU and GPU power. I'm pretty sure that 500 MHz won't cut. Also is this the Kal-El or the the Wayne? Because having an A-15 quad core processor would mean that this not just an upgrade
    , it's next gen. On the Verge, they clearly state in the article that the fifth companion core runs at 1.7 ghz.
  • No this is not going to Verizon. No this is not going to At&t. No it's not even going to Sprint. This will be introduced to the world September 19th and brought to Tmobile after September 26th.
  • Says the Samsung/ Tmobile fanboy
  • 1800 mAh? Tegra? Wasn't the problem with the international One X poor battery life vs the S4 of the US version?
  • Just so people now, the nVidia AP37 is the Tegra 3, but its a die shrink from 40nm to 28nm, there is going to be a double digit performance boost that's for sure though.
  • No, shrinking does not give a double digit performance boost. You won't even notice the difference between 1.5 and 1.7GHZ. Shrinking to 28nm makes a huge difference in battery consumption, allowing drastically longer run times, finally putting a sock in the mouth of all the replaceable battery whiners.
  • Maybe I missed something. Wasn't HTC supposed to be releasing less phones and concentrating more on their existing line. Technically shouldn't the "Two" be their next line of phones? Shouldn't they worry about upgrading the Sensation line to ICS? Shouldn't they be making sure that their current customer base is more or less satisfied before dropping a sequel to a phone that's only been out a few months? I guess some things will never change.
  • This is the same line.
    Almost everything is the same except the processor.
    So why are you suggesting they start a new line.
  • They just released the One series, they shouldn't release a "Two" series until next fiscal year.
  • HTC, why do you insist on putting the least amount of battery in your phone? Don't you get why Moto Maxx is doing so well: not because of the screen resolution or its camera, and certainly not because of its blur. It does well because it has an obscene, yes obscene, battery capacity of 3300 mAh. It doesn't matter that average user will never use 3300 mAh or that you can get a full day with 1800 mAh. The point is that 3300 mAh itself is a selling point; just like Galaxy Note with 5.3 screen is a selling point. You have excellent screen resolution and Sense, but your sales figure shows that this is not enough. So come on HTC, come up with something that will wow us, then maybe I'll come back.
  • People care about runtime, not numbers.
  • Every post you have a snarky response to why the poster is wrong. Methinks you may be wrong, since HTC isn't exactly setting the world on fire this year in revenue or profits. While everything they are doing may be right by you, they certainly aren't for the general public who are not buying their phones.
  • Well said jj2339, I have been thinking the same thing.
  • If HTC wants the One series to sell they need to follow Samsungs lead and put it on just as many networks i.e. Verizon, T-mobile(yes I know they have the One S but I mean the One X). Also a replaceable battery would be nice.
  • And you wonder why HTC is losing market share fast. I know there are some anal fanboys out there that think the very slightly better screen on the HTC One X makes it better then the Samsung S3 but I'll take the removable battery, MicroSD, 2GB RAM, inductive charging, and slimmer profile any day!
  • Thank God icebike is here to tell EVERYONE what is and isn't important and what we should want and need.
  • And thank god you're here for doing the exact same thing but from the opposite position. See how that works? Probably not.
  • I see how it works lol
  • Is this a joke HTC? I hope this isn't true. Same battery size, still 1 gig of ram, same storage without memory slot....
  • I don't have a removable battery, but I do have a SD slot on my EVO LTE and I still love it since getting it at launch. The battery is amazing and is even better than I expected. I have no regrets at all. I played with the S3, and yes, it is a very nice phone no doubt. I don't have anything bad to say about it. I just prefer HTC over Samsung.
  • Common misconception.... You *DO* have a removable battery on both the Evo LTE and One X. They are not quick-swap, however; it takes about 5 minutes to replace the battery because you have to remove screws.
  • You are wrong, you should not love that SD Card, it is not needed. Just ask Icebike. :)
  • lol
  • Actually I would just wait for the RAZR HD Maxx. It fixes the main issues with the old RAZR Maxx - Blur, the CPU and the screen. It now has a top end display and pairing Krait with the 3300 battery yields unreal battery life even on LTE. And the "skin" now is very minimal - a far departure from the old horrifying Blur days.
  • My request would be: back key at the right instead of the left. :-P No really, major reason why I returned the HTC One X.
  • I hate Sense for reloading and being a pain in the a55, but I do like Sense visually. HTC put more RAM in your phones.
  • I don't know why someone would not want a feature that has no downside(Icebike) and since they asked for opinions on what we would like...
    Replaceable battery, SD card,stock Jelly. When folks ask me for advice I recommend the S3 for the battery and SD card. Clearly since the One X is doing so poorly, yet its such a good phone....something must be making folks choose other phones. 32GB is a step in the right direction, that would be enough to make me switch...if I wasn't all in on the GN.
  • Actually, your logic is flawed. There *ARE* downsides to both quick swap battery and SD card- they require the case to be WEAKER due to having removable doors/panels. That also means seams and being sealed less well. Having no doors/panels also means that, theoretically, it can be designed to be thinner, lighter, and still have more room for more battery. That said, I don't think a quick swap battery is a much of need when the battery life is so good (as is proven) on the One X & Evo LTE. It can still be replaced (takes 5 min) and an external battery is fine for long trips away from power. An SD card is probably not all that important either, *IF* there is a lot of storage included on the device (like 32GB or more). The One X+ should certainly have had MORE RAM. And if they could cram even more battery in it (like the EVO LTE has) then all the better. That would be worthy of the "+".
  • The phone needs far more storage (either internal or through MicroSD) and removable battery. Additionally, just put stock JB on it. No one likes these shit overlays.
  • All of you arguing about what kind of battery life you get and blah blah blah are a bunch of losers who seriously need to get your head outta your asses! Everyone uses their phones differently. Therefore, people will get different results. Enough already! Get lives people, and grow the hell up.. It's a damn phone for crying out loud... Kids these days, boy I tell ya
  • If this comes on AT&T with 16 GB of memory (I'm going to call it first) F*** you ATT F*** you! Other than that I was waiting for a HTC with enough memory.
  • What do I want to see? A Verizon sticker!
  • how about they call it the Google Nexus One X and then i'll be interested :]
  • Unless I am missing something, this is the same HTC One X (international) with updated Tegra3 chip (higher clock).
  • I think you are right. There are no real changes to see here
  • Still no 2GB RAM. I'm sorry but whoever says 1GB is enough is talking nonsense. I need to use custom ROMs with trimmed Sense to get real multitasking back. Hopefully this is just a refresh and 2GB RAM chips are coming and are solowly becoming standard in higher end phones.