HTC One flip case.

With the HTC One starting to become available in more countries, it's time to start taking a look at HTC's official accessories. The first is a protective case that doubles as a stand when the phone's in landscape orientation, which just might make it an ideal accessory for heavy multimedia users and anyone flying with an HTC One.

Check past the break for a quick video tour, more words, and an extensive photo gallery.

The HTC One flip case -- officially the "HTC One hard shell case with cover" is definitely the more attractive of the two official cases. It's furnished with a leather texture and soft-touch plastic, and there's a soft felt lining to protect the screen. Helpfully, the front contains cut-outs for those super-loud and bassy front-facing "BoomSound" speakers, so you'll still be able to enjoy music on the HTC One even with the case closed.

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Speaking of which, we should point out that the cover doesn't lock closed -- there's no magnetic lock or fastener.  That means you're not guaranteed screen protection if the phone's loose in a bag/

Fitting the flip case is easy enough -- the phone just locks into place, and the fit is surprisingly secure. We gave it a good shake and weren't able to easily dislodge it. There are cut-outs at the top and bottom for the headphone jack, power button and microUSB port, and most of the right edge is exposed, allowing easy access to the volume rocker.  (Of course, that also means the phone's potentially vulnerable to scratches in this area.)

Viewed from the rear, the official HTC One flip case is a little messier. The joins between plastic and material aren't quite perfect, and there's a crease where the case folds to form a stand. But we're willing to bet you won't spend much time looking at this side of the phone anyway. And in the hand, the leather-textured back has a premium feel to it.

Using the HTC One in a stand like this makes perfect sense, especially when you consider the front-facing speakers and gorgeous high-res display. As a case alone, this accessory isn't outstanding, but the kickstand functionality makes it easy to recommend for air travelers and mobile video devotees.

The official HTC One hard shell case with cover is available in the UK priced at around £20 inc. VAT.

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