HTC One M9

The HTC One M9 is now on sale through O2, Vodafone, EE and Three, as well as retail behemoth Carphone Warehouse. Here's our roundup of what each outlet is offering.

Carphone Warehouse

The last place you can actually buy unlocked phones on the high street has the M9 in gold-on-silver and gunmetal grey for £579.99 outright. As usual, the retailer also has a wide range of two-year contract plans for the M9 on Vodafone, O2 and EE, starting at £35.70 per month for 1GB of data on O2. For the data-hungry, Carphone offers 20GB plans across all three of the networks, the cheapest of which is a £49 per month deal, also on O2.

HTC One M9 Central


HTC One M9 Essentials


EE has exclusivity over the gold-on-gold M9 model in the UK, and it's also selling the phone in gunmetal grey and gold-on-silver. Prices on a 24-month contract start at £31.99 per month, but that gets you just 500MB of data and a hefty £199.99 up-front charge. The carrier also has 1-20GB deals on both regular 4G and "4GEE Extra," which gets you faster data speeds. EE's top price plan is a 20GB package for £53.49 per month and £39.99 up-front, or £58.49 per month and £19.99 up-front.


Vodafone is stocking the HTC One M9 in silver-on-gold, with prices on a 24-month contract starting at £26.50 per month when you pay £169 for the phone — though that includes just 100 minutes and 100MB of 3G data. The cheapest 4G plan will set you back £38.50 per month with a £19 up-front fee, and that also gets you 600 minutes and 1GB of 4G data. Voda's premium 20GB plan costs £58.50 per month with no charge for the phone, and also comes with unlimited minutes and texts, and a choice of 24 months of Now TV, Spotify Premium or Sky Sports Mobile.


Data-happy operator Three has three price plans for the HTC One M9 on standard two-year contracts, all of which come with a £19 up-front cost and unlimited calls and texts. The amount you pay each month depends on your data allowance — you'll get 1GB on a £39 per month plan, 2GB for £42 per month or unlimited ("all-you-can-eat") data for £47 per month. Three is selling the M9 in silver-on-gold and gunmetal grey.


O2 has the M9 in both standard color options — silver-on-gold and gunmetal grey — in a variety of on-contract and pay-as-you-go plans. O2's PAYG deals come with a £609.99 up-front cost for the phone — not a particularly great deal — when you choose one of the carrier's prepaid deals for between £10 and £20 per month. On a two-year contract you'll have a bit more choice, with price plans between £13.50 per month (500MB and £609.99 up-front cost) and £54 per month for a 20GB data bucket. As always, the same data allowance can be had with a different balance between up-front cost and monthly fee, so it's worth taking a look through O2's lengthy list of contract plans.

If you're picking up an HTC One M9 in the UK today, hit the comments and let us know how you're getting on. Still on the fence? Head on over to our full review on the HTC One M9.

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