HTC One ad

Pre-launch activity starting to reach silly proportions with pixelated showing at major retailer

Leaks, leaks, more leaks and even stuff HTC has told us first hand. The story of the HTC One (M8) so far and it doesn't even see an official launch until March 25. The latest sees a major British retailer, Phones 4U, displaying these big ads outside its stores. Oh yeah, the new HTC One is coming alright – if we had any doubt at this point what it's called.

Even more unusual is the presence of the phone on the ad. Sure, it's been leaked already to within an inch of its life, but there's still going to be a ton of 'regular' folks who don't follow the tech blogs who won't know about those. But they're getting a pretty good idea what it looks like from this, even if it does have a pixelated face.

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I spotted this today outside my local store, and questioned the staff on why there was a red banner with March 25 on the poster. Of course, we know that's the date of the event – we'll be on the ground in London and New York – but that's about all it means right now. With the event taking place during daylight hours UK time, Phones 4U will likely be telling us when we can buy it there before March 25 is out.