HTC Merge Accessories

Upon picking up your new HTC Merge, you'll definitely want to consider looking into a number of accessories for the HTC Merge.  We're talking cases, chargers, bluetooth, car kits, memory cards- the whole nine yards.  

Everyone drops their smartphone at some point in time, but what really matters is having the case for the HTC Merge to protect it.  At the Android Central store we provide a variety of different styles of HTC Merge cases such as leather cases, hard cases, skin cases and even waterproof cases for the HTC Merge.

Keeping the HTC Merge charged up throughout the day will be a top priority so be sure to look into chargers for the HTC Merge.  We've got plenty of HTC Merge chargers to choose from like car chargers, wall chargers, USB cables, and solar chargers.

When traveling with your device, it's best to have a car mount for your HTC Merge so you can keep your hands on the wheel and your eyes on the road.  These HTC Merge car mounts provide you with multiple mounting solutions from windshield mounts and vent mounts to cigarette lighter mounts to dash mounts.

You'll also need to keep your smartphone stocked with your favorite music, movies and apps- and there's no better way to do that than with memory cards for the HTC Merge.  These microSD cards pop right into the back of your device and allow you to free your HTC Merge's internal storage so you don't end up bogging down your phone with all of your personal data.

If you haven't already done so, you should look into hooking yourself up with bluetooth for the HTC Merge.  We've got a huge stock of HTC Merge bluetooth headsets as well as bluetooth stereo headphones for the HTC Merge that allow you to manage your calls and listen to music completely handsfree.

These are just a fraction of all of the HTC Merge accessories available here at Android Central.  Do yourself a favor and check out our more detailed HTC Merge Accessory Guides below to find out exactly what will suit your and your HTC Merge best.

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HTC Merge Accessories at the Android Central Store

The Android Central Store is your one-stop shop for all Android accessories. We have the largest and widest selection of items and you can be assured that what you're getting will work with your HTC Merge, be it a battery, charger, case, screen protector, headset, or any of the other hundreds of items in the store.

New items are being added all the time and most items are available with super-fast same-day shipping. So check it all out at the Android Central Store.

Accessories for HTC Merge