HTC Evo Shift 4G breaks cover again, with a Jan 9 sale date

We already knew the Evo Shift 4G was coming, and it was priced at $150 (on contract).  We also had it on good authority that it was coming on Jan 9, but now we're sure -- thanks to the Shack.  In an upcoming sale ad, we see that the Evo Shift 4G will indeed be $149.99 after a two-year agreement and this price is good, starting Jan 9.  Not much else is left to the imagination, so we just have to play the waiting game -- which you can do with the rest of us in the Evo Shift 4G forums.  Hit the break for the full page ad.  Thanks anon!

Jerry Hildenbrand
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  • meh. don't think I'll be dropping the Evo for this phone. might as well just go with the Epic as it has nothing the epic doesn't have.....I think it's time for me to go with a company that doesn't half-as when it comes to releasing phones. Iphone? hmm yeah they release one every year but atlease it's not all that the same :-)
  • Yeah ok the first iphone 2g looks the as the iphone 4g but with front facing camera same ui i have all of them and to me they all look the same
  • I never said they didn't look the same. They are different when it comes to what they can do from another. first Iphone was a big block right? second iphone slimed it down and added 3g. 3rd iphone 3gs pretty much the same with a faster speed, iphone 4g added front camera/faster. So they really waren't all that the same. You just want to troll me because I'm hating on HTC or whatever
  • First EVO, than EVO twin(thunderbolt)that wanted its own shine and ran off to Verizon now its EVO jr. I'm loving it
  • I know right. If HTC keeps their monthly phone releases up they'll become the next LG. LG use to be the high expense fancy phone maker but now they are making prepaid phones for walmart/ free phones with a contract.....
  • Someone tell me if it has a Front Facing Camera. might be to the Left of the ear piece...
  • Still no Merge!!!
  • @htcfart: You're an idiot. This phone isn't meant to be an Evo replacement. It's for those that want a smaller Evo, with a keyboard. If you look at apple's iphones, 3 of the 4 look almost identical, with only slight feature bumps. Everyone of the iphones have 37% of wasted space in margin, when they could have bigger screens. At least, htc offers more than one screen size. Now, go to Tipb and stop spewing bs here.
  • @tim you're a dummy. Stop taking things up the as so much that you have to go off like a psycho. I really didn't read your nonsense because just by your first post I know it's more of a defense rant so stop trolling
  • And what do you expect when you first say HTC releases half-*** phones and then you imply an iPhone is better? If anyone is trolling, it would be you.
  • This is not a replacement for the Evo 4g. Just so everyone knows.
  • Again, I don't think the evo name was suppost to be downgraded in a sense. Its all about choices. Some people prefer a keyboard rather than full screen. And 3.7 inches isn't all. Just look at the droid series. the the droid, droid 2, incredible, the droid x, droid pro. They all have the droid name but with different choices. I think that's what was going on with the evo name.
  • The Shift also has a better GPU.
  • @blak maybe u should learn to comprehend before stepping up to troll someone. Notice i said HTC half-as when it comes to making phones not any of their phones.
  • Your comment makes absolutely no sense.
  • None of your comments make any sense/you are creepy.
  • And yeah, for anyone hating on a phone that's coming out that's faster in performance and speed is ridiculous.
  • thank you. this phone is a great contender..
  • I really like the idea of Sprint branding the name "Evo" , just like Verizon is doing with "Droid". It's very smart. This phone isn't really my flavor, I am still more than happy with my OG Evo.. but nice to see Sprint getting more high end Android phones.
  • I knew that last leak was taken with a poor camera. My two worst fears were calmed with this leak. There is not a chrome border around the screen and the keyboard surround isn't blue. Other than not having the front facing camera I am excited for this. At least with the Shift we will most likely get timely updates unlike the Epic. It is also $100 less than the Epic.
  • Are the official specs out somewhere yet? If this does end up having a front camera ill probably jump on this although i am still eyeballing the EVO. After i get to play with the shift ill make the decision.
  • Yeah HTC need to step it up a bit I agree...on a sidenote how can I hack my evo I just got???
  • Ahtcfart.....your posts are making no sense. Finish a sentence so we can debate it.
  • It sounds like you have a lot to learn about "hacking" your Evo. Which is actually called "rooting". Go to and look up your evo and you'll figure out everything you need to know.
  • I love my Evo, I just Love It, but I want the new LG dual core phone. To bad its only overseas because that would really be nice to play around with. After watching the video of the benchmark test, its just absolutely amazing what a dual core CPU can do. Faster then anything out right now, I love HTC but if they don't come up with a dual core CPU by next June when my upgrade is ready then I might have to go to something else.
  • I love reading post of people arguing about a phone that isn't out yet.
    On a few side notes 1. DOLT!!! (I love saying that)
    2. That says a 3.6 inch screen not a 3.7 which is weird... So now we have 3.5 3.6 3.7 4.0 and 4.3 inch screens...madness
    3. What will they call the official SECOND EVO.. The EVO 2 4G doesn't sound right
  • You forgot about 2.8, 3.1, 3.2, 3.8, and 5.0.
    Flipout = 2.8. Devour / Cliq / Backflip / Droid Pro = 3.1. Hero / Eris / Aria = 3.2. myTouch 4G = 3.8. Streak = 5.0. I think a 4.5"er is coming from either Samsung or LG.
  • But how much will it be direct from Sprint? Or how much will the Evo price fall by?
  • Looks like this is HTC's answer to the Samsung Transform. Can't wait to this phone at work.
  • No, I dont really think the Transform needs an answer. This is for EVO fans who want a smaller phone and keyboard. I might actually think about replacing my EVO. Likely more efficient CPU, better battery life, lighter, etc.
  • it sure doesn't if anything its an answer to the Moto Droid for HTC.
  • Honestly the Transform is a very low-end version of the epic that should not even be compared to this phone. Like many others have said, this is not a downgrade but Actually an upgrade speed wise.
  • whoever gave you a 1 star" is simple-minded. the Transform is very Low-end and definitely should not be even thought of..
  • With a keyboard, I doubt it will be lighter.
  • The specs for the G2 are considered "light", WELL COMPARED TO THE G2 & the Original Droid. Keyboards aren't heavy anymore IMO. its 2010, well soon to be 2011.
  • I'm not saying it will be heavy. I just can't see it weighing less than the Evo.
  • It won't. If anything, it will only be marginally heavier. The G2 is 10g heavier than the EVO. On a side note, I love how someone is rating all the legitimate comments as 1 star, but stupid troll comments receive 3 stars.
  • as long as its light than the Original Droid then it's fine by me.. Many props to HTC & Motorola foor the G2 & Droids 2nd versions being lighter than the originals
    i noticed that too, some folks got nothing better to do than to be negative. i'll probably get a low rating too. *shrug*
  • Just to give you an idea, the G2 is 6.35 oz while the OG Droid is 5.96 oz (according to Phone Arena). The EVO is 6 oz.
  • I love my evo but the lack of a physical keyboard is killing me, so I think I'm going to try to trade my evo for a shift a week or two after they come out.
  • i have a Hero and before i had the Hero i had a T-mobile Sidekick & before that i had a Kyocera Wildcard(Google it){i'm young btw}. Going from keyboard phones to a full touch phone was a bit much. it still is. i'm so glad its HTC & on Sprint. Good luck giving up your Evo though. Once you go Evo you can't go back... lol corny i know, but widely true
  • I went from having a phone with a physical keyboard to the Evo. I use to say I will NEVER have an all touch phone. But the Evo's price was looking so good and I caved in. Now I actually prefer a virtual keyboard than a physical one.
  • I'm gonna wait to see how this turns our. I'd like to see a hands-on video before I make my decision of switching from my EVO or not. I do miss the physical keyboard I used to have.
  • Do we have ANY confirmation yet on full specs? Especially the FFC?
  • This had me at hello. And then it may have lost me when I saw there was no front-facing camera. Que lastima.