It's been a while coming but now that the HTC EVO 3D is here, we know a lot of you are picking one up. With picking up a new device comes the task of loading up some apps as well, unless you have a previous device and just plan to use what is already synced on your Google account. For new comers to Android who may be making the HTC EVO 3D their first device we have to ask, what apps will you load first? We've listed some of our top choices after the break, share yours in the comments.

Top apps for your EVO 3D

Google Voice

Google Voice

We're big fans of Google Voice and think you should be as well. Why not take full advantage of the great features? The application itself is free, only requirement is to have a valid Google Voice invite or account. [Market Link]

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With that big, beautiful display Pulse is an easy choice for being one of the first apps you load. The newsreader is one that continues to grow in features all the time and looks great while doing so. If you need a good newsreader application -- you can't go wrong with Pulse. Have a look at our previous review of it, you'll see why it's a must-have app. [Market Link]

Adobe Flash 10.3

Adobe Flash

It's Adobe Flash -- not much else to say really. OK, OK. This is actually loaded on the EVO 3D by default. But iIf you're looking to get all the content possible on your device, you'll want to be installing Flash -- the latest version, please. That'd be Flash 10.3. The new save to SDCard feature will help save you some storage space as well. The content from the web as it was meant to be seen. [Market Link]

Zedge Ringtones & Wallpapers


Customizing your device to just how you want it is one of the first things that happens when you get a new one. Zedge Ringtones & Wallpapers app can help you do that. With lots of wallpapers and ringtones available for download -- Zedge makes it easy to find stuff to make your device yours. [Market Link]



There are a lot of apps in the Android Market for taking pics -- which you choose is entirely up to you of course but one I use personally is PicPlz. The sharing options and image filters it has available in the app make it a great alternative to other popular services like Instagram. [Market Link]

This is just a shirt list of apps that are available in the Android Market, some selections we've chosen as our favs. If you've got your own -- be sure to share them in the comments so that others may find great apps as well.