HTC EVO 3D FCC filings now viewable

Now that we are getting closer and closer to the launch of the HTC EVO 3D, the once-secret FCC documentation has now been revealed. By now, the EVO 3D has long since passed FCC approval but the documentation that led to its approval was covered by a 180-day confidentiality request from HTC. While requests of this nature are rather typical -- this one seems to of have been in place to cover up the schematics of the device in general. Why exactly, we're not sure but they are now available for your viewing pleasure. Hit the source link for the full rundown.

Source: FCC; Thanks, Emeterio!

  • Man why am I still on Verizon? Oh yeah...cuz I don't pay the bill!
  • Does anyone know if the 3D will have the same wimax radio as the of Evo?
  • Hopefully it has the same as the Nexus S 4G, but with the bugs worked out. I've read you can leave 4G on all the time and it only turns it on when it needs it, leading to very little battery difference than 3G.
  • I honestly can't even Imagine how that's possible. Because "When it needs it" is when you're in a 4G area... it will still be scanning all the time...
  • I had an original EVo 4g and when you would turn on 4g, the battery sucked down in no time. I now have a galaxy S EPIC 4g and the 4G does in fact have a snooze mode. It uses more battery for sure, but not nearly anything like the EVO 4g did. I live in a 4g area and sometimes keep it on all day. I also travel outside of 4g, and just leave it off all the time.
  • This feature is in the Thunderbolt and the feature was a reason they didn't include and on/off 4G LTE feature in it. It works, but it still sucks downs the juice faster then if it wasn't on. BTW, I don't think it's dependent on the chip, and is more of a software feature.
  • @modplan... Yes it has, almost the same.
  • It's the same chip as the EVO 4G and EVO Shift 4G (Sequans SQN1210).
  • Awesome!
  • Sprint is the best and Verizon phones suck. Oher than the original D1, Verizon WILL NOT give us a "Pure Google" experience phone. I am leaving Vzw in July for Sprint. I WANT A NEXUS PHONE!!! I want updates in a timely manner. Asurion sent me a D2 Global to replace my D1. The phone is ok but, they are locked down and VERY late with updates. I loved my D1, but I WILL NEVER BUY A MOTO PHONE AGAIN! Motorola & Verizon blows goats!
  • how was that at all related to the EVO 3D?
  • "...this one seems to of have been in place to cover up the schematics of the device in general. Why exactly, we're not sure..." oh.come.on I'll tell you why: So Apple wouldn't have a chance to steal ideas. AGAIN! And it worked! no summer iPhone HAHAHAHAHA!
  • I 100% agree with you, Evo4g brought 720p recording, front facing camera for self pics and video chat on a Us major carrier, and then here comes apple acting like they invented the ideals with the iPhone 4. Now look when Google announced the NFC chip to do payments and all of a sudden Apple is talking about it being in the next iPhone, only reason why their cameras are better in quailty is because they are a billion dollar company who can buy in a huge bulk and pay dirt cheap compared to a small time company like HTC. Yet HTC is on the rise to become a huge success compared to Apple and other manufactures
  • It was hidden for 180 days because it operates in the 800Mhz band that Sprint currently uses for iDEN. Sprint is radically changing their network, and this phone will support CDMA on the frequencies currently used for Nextel, as well as CDMA on 1.9Ghz.
  • This phone transmits on 824-849Mhz and 1850-1910Mhz.
    My 1.5-year-old HTC Hero also supports 824Mhz-848Mhz and 1851-1909Mhz.
  • The 824-849Mhz signal that this phone can transmit at is for roaming as Sprint owns no cellular spectrum. However, you also have to read the Test Report 90. This phone also can transmit a native Sprint signal at 817 MHz ~ 822.75 MHz. That's the SMR band, which is what BillyHoyle was referring to. Your 1.5 year old Hero most certainly can't do that.
  • Got it. That's what the "90.209 Waiver" document is about as well.
  • No Update in My Region yet (New England) been trying since midnight...
  • Looks like the rumors of this thing having LTE compatability are doubtful. The WiMax chip is a SQN1210, which supports 2.3-2.4, 2.5-2.7, and 3.3-3.8 GHz ( The WiFi chip is a Broadcom BQN4329, which supports 802.11 a/b/g/n, Bluetooth® 2.1 + EDR, and FM radio (although the EVO 3D may not take advantage of all of those). The FM radio is hooked up to use the headphones as an antenna, so there is hope it will be used. There is a Qualcomm QTR8615 for CDMA2000 850Mhz and 1900Mhz. I can't find any spec sheets for this chip, so its possible it can do LTE (Qualcomm does make LTE chips), but I doubt it. The power supply is a Qualcomm PMM8160. There are dual microphones, meaning that there is probably a noise cancellation mic. The weirdest thing is that there is a schematic for a "Hinge Flexible Printed Circuit". I'm not sure what that could be for. A Silicon Image Si9244 is used for the HDMI out (it's HDMI over MHL, which uses a microUSB connector). 4GB internal eMMC memory, 768MB DDR2 SDRAM. Processor is MXM8660, as we knew.
  • ???? 768MB I thought it had a GB am I missing something ?
  • I checked the Sprint site and it said 1 GB of RAM.