HTC has announced the Desire 825 and Desire 830, two new smartphones for the international market. Both featuring a 5.5-inch display, the differences here are mainly on the inside. Sure the back of the phones looks slightly different, as does the front, but the components on the inside are what most will really notice.

The Desire 830 features mid-OIS optical anti-shake in the rear-facing camera so you can make sure your pictures are as clear as possible. On the Desire 825 you've got the Sensor Hub, which supports a new personalized sports management center. This will let you recognize your movements, gestures and actions to provide an immediate status of personal data.

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The Desire 825 is now available for NT $ 7,990 million, and the Desire 830 will go on sale May 6 for NT $ 9,990 million.

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Press release:

5.5-inch mid-range series debut new flagship HTC DESIRE

Excellent value for money HTC Desire 830 experience perfect dynamic pictures HTC Desire 825 value for money to enjoy the ultimate video fun

Taipei, Taiwan (BC May 3, 2016) - the global leader in innovation and design HTC (High Tech Computer Co., Ltd., hereinafter referred to as "HTC") today (3) announced the launch of its flagship HTC Desire series in order of new members -HTC Desire 830 and HTC Desire 825, to young and lively two-tone design with a large 5.5-inch screen with HTC BoomSound combine Dolby audio stereo sound, easy to have the luxury audio visual. HTC Desire 830 is the flagship for the first time in mid-OIS optical anti-shake with the main camera, clearly happy jumping save each moment, to accompany you to record the history of each youth with a full range of experience.

Global innovation and design of HTC North Asia general manager of leading brands Dongjun Liang said: "HTC launched in April annual flagship HTC 10, shocked the high-end smartphone market, boutique and design fast and smooth user experience with many of the world's first video, power, fast charge and is equipped with features such as the world's media and consumer praised and enthusiastically purchased flagship phone the only benchmark. in order to meet the diverse needs of consumers, the launch of HTC Desire series of new machines, continuing HTC Desire series widely consumers reputation and cost-effective, but also to enjoy the best rates for HTC Desire 825 high-quality acoustic moments and HTC Desire 830 optical anti-shake caused by ultra-stable shooting, make a richer product mix intact, to provide consumer who purchase more comprehensive choice. "

HTC Desire 830 with a lively two-tone exterior design with classic hit color elements, fully meet the distinctive style of a favorite of consumers. Equipped with 5.5-inch Full HD high definition big screen and 13 megapixel main camera, and more at the same level for the first time mobile phone equipped with OIS optical anti-shake function, easy to capture happy, exciting and dynamic time, with Zhang Zhangqing neat image clarity record and store memories; additionally equipped with ultra-sensitive camera before UltraPixel camera self-timer, even if dimly lit environment, but also to show the effect of bright, attractive and self-timer.

HTC Desire 825 will be the embodiment of the artist's canvas back cover, use a specially designed nozzle with a pigment, to create a very personal style splash of color in design. With the most representative HTC BoomSound sound and Dolby Audio sound, the same level phone for the first time in more Hi-Res equipped with high-fidelity sound, can be real show of original music delicate moving. HTC Desire 825 HTC Sensor Hub support new personalized sports management center, a strict management of personal life belongings. HTC Sensor Hub weather will recognize your movements, gestures and actions to provide immediate status of personal data and automatically with a variety of popular fitness app link

HTC Desire 830 suggested retail price of NT $ 9,990 million, offers vanilla and vanilla orange and blue for consumer choice; May 6 stores starting at HTC, HTC online store and Taiwan Chunghwa Telecom, Taiwan Mobile, Far EasTone telecommunications, satellite telecommunications and Taiwan Asia-Pacific stores have started selling. HTC Desire 825 suggested retail price of NT $ 7,990 million, providing satellite color white and gray night for consumers to choose; from May 3 to HTC store, online store, and HTC in Taiwan Chunghwa Telecom started selling exclusive outlets; consumption in accordance with individual needs may choose the most suitable tariff plan, detailed data plan, please contact the respective carriers.