A lot of great Android phones were released last year, one of which was the OnePlus 6T. The 6T brought a flagship experience to the table for under $600, and compared to handsets such as the Pixel 3 and Galaxy Note 9, was a tremendous value.

The 6T is still OnePlus's latest phone available for purchase, though it is getting up in its age.

Taking a look at the AC forums, it appears that the 6T is still just as sleek and powerful as the day it was released.


For the first time in a long time I really have no complaints with a smartphone. Usually by now I'm drooling over something new. The OnePlus 6T just continues to keep me satisfied. Coming from the pixel 2 I was worried about the camera and no it's not as good but it's very solid in most situations. The software is great, OnePlus gives you customization options that are useful without...


I'm a Samsung Note guy myself, mostly for the convenience of having the S pen. I use my phone as a major part of my daily work flow. That being said, I just moved my three kids to the 6T. One was on the Pixel 2XL and the other two were on the original Pixel XL. All three are very happy with this phone. It's very fast, great battery life, camera is more than adequate for their needs and the...


I have Note 9 and X (personal and work) then wanted to consolidate to just one phone because it can get tiring carrying 2 phones at all times. I gave the 6T a try since the big red supported it. It is truely a canvas phone and load whatever app to your hearts desire. I prefer the gesture on the 6T over the Pixel 3 (I have that too). 2 months in and went back to dual set up, back to the...


I agree, that's why I still have my 1+6 dual sim card , has 8gb ram , fast charging ,led notifications and fingerprint sensor that's fast...still no slowdowns and anyone looking for a new device should have one plus on the list also.


What do you think? How's the OnePlus 6T holding up in 2019?

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