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How to use Bluetooth headphones or speakers with your Lenovo Mirage Solo headset

As great as it is the use the Lenovo Mirage Solo without a smartphone, that also limits the accessories you can use with it. There's no official Bluetooth support, so gamepads and Bluetooth headphones are out of the question. 3.5mm headphones are supported, but that's about it.

Kinda. There's a way to use Bluetooth headphones or speakers with the Lenovo Mirage Solo. Here's how to to do it!

What you'll need

The workaround is getting a Bluetooth transmitter with an audio-in jack. The one I'm using was $30 at the time of writing, but there are plenty of great choices for about the same price. This one features Micro-USB for charging, which is much better than dealing with a proprietary charger. It includes a 3.5mm cable in the box as well, so the only other thing I needed was some double sided tape from my toolbox.

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How to set things up

As far as your Mirage Solo is concerned, it's delivering audio to a wired connection. The wireless connection happens between the transmitter and your headphones or speaker.

The trickiest part of this setup is actually pairing the transmitter with your headphones or speaker. Neither of the devices will have a screen for you to see what's available to pair, so it'll take some trial and error.

While you're getting things set up, I'd recommend turning off Bluetooth on your PC, laptop and smartphone, just so neither device tries to pair with the wrong device.

Once the transmitter and your audio device are paired, that's really it. Using the double-sided tape to keep the transmitter in place on top of the headset doesn't add an appreciable amount of weight, and you can't see how janky it looks when you're wearing the headset.

What say you?

Do you use Bluetooth speakers or headphones with your VR headset? Let us know down below!

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  • "There's no official Bluetooth support" are they serious? What about gamepads?