How to stop Alexa from verbally responding to every command

While it's nice to have an acknowledgement that your commands are being heard by your Echo, at times the constant "OK" can be a bit much. We'll show you how to get Alexa to stop talking when you ask her to do something so you can enjoy your smart home in silence.

How to quiet down Alexa

  1. Open the Alexa app on your mobile device.
  2. Tap the top left corner menu.
  3. Tap Settings.
  4. Tap Account Settings.

  1. Tap Alexa Voice Requests.
  2. Toggle the Brief Mode switch to "on."
  3. You're done!

Ah, sweet silence

Congratulations, you've successfully enabled Brief Mode on your Echo devices. Now when you issue a command to Alexa, the only real feedback you'll get is a flash of the LED lights on the device, and a short, quiet chime. Of course, you can reverse the process and toggle the Brief Mode switch to off if you ever want to hear Alexa's dulcet tones again.

On the screen where you toggled Brief Mode, you may notice another setting called Whisper Mode. This is sort of a nice compromise between having Alexa answer your requests at full volume, and having no real response other than a flash of the light ring and a quiet beep. This may be the setting for you if you still want some verbal feedback but don't want to disturb anyone in the room.

It should also be noted that Brief Mode will not take away Alexa's ability to answer a question that you make ask of her. Rest assured that if you ask Alexa about the weather or Abraham Lincoln's birthday, she will still respond with the answer, and not a simple beep!

Our top equipment pick

Let's face it — you probably already have a few Echos around the house. If you're looking to add one more, we recommend the Echo Dot with Clock. Because the time is always on display, that's one less question/response interaction you have to have with Alexa, no silencing required!

Additional Equipment

Here are a few more Alexa-compatible gadgets that can make your life around the house a little more enjoyable.

AmazonBasics microwave

AmazonBasics microwave (Image credit: Amazon)

AmazonBasics Microwave ($60 at Amazon)

If you're going to put Alexa to work, she might was well heat up some popcorn for you!

Amazon Echo Glow ($30 at Amazon)

This is a fun smart LED light for the kid's room or for the kid in all of us.

Amazon Smart Plug ($25 at Amazon)

Turn any existing lamp into a smart light with these plug and play devices.

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