Adding an HTC One A9 to your pocket? Start here.

HTC's latest addition to its long-running One line is the HTC One A9 a mid-range phone with a small footprint and a small (but not as small as we thought) pricetag. It's got the best camera HTC has done in a while, a snappy fingerprint scanner, and a tiny battery that'll charge like a bullet. Both the feel in the hand and the feel of the software are snappy.

Given its unique offerings and uniquely changing price point, the A9 might turn more than a few heads. And if you're getting ready to add one to your life, here's what it takes to get your life onto the phone!

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Your privacy, your phone, and you

Privacy is front and center when you set up your new A9.

If you've ever set up an Android device before, good news! You know where we're starting. Upon selecting your desired language, you can connect to the Wi-Fi in order to avoid using your precious mobile data for the updates and downloads to come. After selecting your data source, you'll be asked to agree with HTC's Privacy Policy, and asked whether you'd like to send usage and diagnostic data to help HTC nail down any bugs, errors, and kinks that they'd like to work out for future updates and devices.

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And after agreeing (or disagreeing) with HTC's services, you have Google's services to turn on and off. These include backup services and location services. You are free to opt out of any or all of them, and then we can get on to actually getting your data and accounts onto the device.

HTC's Uh-Oh Protection wants to protect you and your phone from life's oopsies

Uh-ohs happen. HTC accepts this.

HTC's Uh-Oh protection, while something we hope we never need to use, is something we're grateful for. And even beyond registering and protecting your device, this screen is where you'll sign in to your HTC account for syncing things like themes and BlinkFeed. If you do not already have an account, you can sign up for one through Facebook, you Google Account, or set up a new account with your email.

You can also skip it, if you like, but if your phone offers free accident protection, you might want to seriously consider registering for it.

Get Google going

Log in to your new A9 and get your Google on.

You have agreed to some of Google's services, but in order to get the most out of your brand-new A9 and its new Marshmallow-y Google Now on Tap, you need to add your Google Account to the device so that you can begin syncing your apps in Google Play and your data in your apps and games. It doesn't take long, even if you have two-factor authentication turned on - and you really should have two-factor authentication turned on.

For two-factor users, please keep in mind that if you are setting up this phone with the SIM your codes are sent to inside already, you may need to pull out an alternate method of getting your codes, such as the Google Authenticator app on another device or a call to a secondary line.

After signing in, Google will ask you to agree to their own terms of service and privacy policy before continuing on.

Prints, protection, and personalization

LEave your print on your new A9.

Once your accounts are dialed in and you've said yes and no accordingly to HTC and Google's various services, you can set up a passcode - or that handy new fingerprint scanner on the front of your pretty A9. It may not always be a popular opinion, but I'll say it till I'm blue in the face - LOCK YOUR PHONE. And Google won't let you take advantage of their fancy new Android Pay app without having a lock method on your device, so bite the bullet and register a fingerprint or four.

After setting a lock, you can personalize your phone's name and you can set what information HTC Sense Home has access to, including your location and web history.

Extra: Transfer data from your old device with HTC Transfer Tool

New phones don't mean starting from scratch anymore. Bring your data with you to your new A9.

After finishing your setup, a pop-up will appear in your notification shade asking you to transfer data from your old device. Google has tap-and-go, Motorola has Migrate, and HTC has the HTC Transfer Tool. After installing the Transfer Tool on your old phone, your phones can pair and sync over Wi-Fi, allowing you to sync data from your old phone like call logs, contacts, and photos. If you want to do this later, you can find the HTC Transfer Tool in settings under Personal, labeled 'Get content from another phone'.

Now that your phone is set up, you're ready to seize the A9 by the fingerprint scanner and take on the world. Just be sure to bring an external battery with you.