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We've had a lot of great phones come out so far this year, with the OnePlus 8 being one of them. It may not be as great of a value as the OnePlus 7T before it, but it's still one of the better deals of the year.

For just $699, the OnePlus 8 gives you a 90Hz AMOLED display, Qualcomm's powerful Snapdragon 865 processor, tons of RAM and storage, and three rear cameras.

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Cameras have often been a sticking point for OnePlus phones, so how does the OnePlus 8 fair in this department? Some of our AC forum members recently shared their thoughts on it, saying:


Detail is also good in static scenes, noise is low in most conditions, and autofocus is generally accurate. There are a few obvious artifacts, with ghosting on moving subjects and strong flare in some images


so far I think the pictures are great a little less sharp than the pixel 4 but I'm very impressed.


What say you? How have you been liking the OnePlus 8's cameras?

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