The OnePlus 7 Pro is a welcome successor over the OnePlus 6T in a lot of ways — one of which being its camera package. This is the first OnePlus phone to ship with three rear cameras, including a main, telephoto, and ultra-wide sensor.

OnePlus has been hard at work issuing software updates to ensure the 7 Pro takes the best possible images, and looking through the AC forums, a lot of our members seem to have mixed feelings about the phone's camera performance.


Although I returned mine, I did tinker with the photos a bit, and there are some adjustments in Google Photos you can make that will bring pictures closer to Pixel level as far as colors. (if they are looking undersaturated, which doesn't always happen) If you use the 'Auto' adjust in the editing screen of Photos, and then manually increase the color to max, the saturation and overall photo...


Sometimes the camera just misses the mark with miss focus or smeared details in finer items. This one passes the zoom in test with sharpness even at high zoom. While it's slightly under saturated that can be fixed easily in post. The sharpness and smearing, when they occur can not. don't know why I got a sideways pic.


I wonder when the G camera apk will be released for this phone? I love the phone and I love everything about the camera, the only thing that I miss at all about the pixel is the fraction of a second quicker taking of photos when you push the shutter key. Even the Google APK on this phone makes the shutter go quicker. It might all be in my mind but that's the only thing I miss.


That's the reason I went with this phone. OnePlus has an excellent track record for updates and improvements. I just want to see improvements to the sharpness in the telephoto and wide angle lens. The portrait mode shots come out softer in detail than what they should. I love the compression you get from shooting with the telephoto though. I find it more appealing for portraits than using the...


What about you? How are you liking the OnePlus 7 Pro's camera?

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