Here are all the Android TV devices with Google TV

The device you use to stream to your TV affects not only the quality of the video but the way you interact with it. Google TV is among the best user interfaces with a simple layout and great app recommendations. While the latest updates to Android TV have brought it close in terms of look and feel, Google TV proper is still only available on a few devices by default. If you're looking for a Google TV device, your best bet is still Chromecast with Google TV, though you have a couple of other options now as well.

Get a Google TV streaming box with the latest interface from Google

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Get Google TV whether you need 4K or not

Google TV brings some nice improvements to the Android TV interface but its availability is still limited. Chromecast with Google TV is a great pick for most people with 4K HDR support and a great remote. If you want to save some money though the HD version works just as well and our Chromecast with Google TV (HD) review found it to be an excellent streaming device. The TVision HUB is another option though many of the user reviews complain about slow performance which makes it difficult to recommend over the Chromecast option.

If you're mostly interested in the apps and are fine with the Android TV interface, you can also check out one of the best Android TV devices instead. Some, like Nvidia Shield TV, offer incredible upscaling features.

If you want a TV with Google TV already built in, you have several options, and luckily, that includes many of the best Android TVs. If you buy a TV from Hisense, Sony, TCL, or Philips, you can get a model with Google TV included out of the box.

Make sure you're paying attention when you pick your TV because Hisense, TCL, and Philips come with multiple OS options. If you pick the wrong model number, you can end up with a Roku or FireTV version. Just make sure the TV you pick lists Google TV and you should be good to go.

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