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Have you received your Galaxy S21 pre-order?

Samsung Galaxy S21 in-hand
Samsung Galaxy S21 in-hand (Image credit: Hayato Huseman / Android Central)

It's almost time, Galaxy fans! Samsung is set to launch the Galaxy S21 on January 29, but ahead of that date, people that pre-ordered it are already reporting that their new phone is set to be delivered sooner than that. And if you still haven't gotten your pre-order in, there's still time to take advantage of the best Galaxy S21 deals.

I personally pre-ordered my S21 from T-Mobile, and looking at the UPS website, it's scheduled for delivery at some point later today! Taking a look through the AC forums, a lot of our members are also expecting their S21 today (if they haven't gotten it already).

Mine is due for delivery tomorrow January 27 in New Jersey USA. Ultra unlocked model direct from Samsung


Mine is showing delivery by 8p on Thursday via FedEx. I'm in Chandler(Suburb of Phoenix), AZ. Its a Verizon 128GB, Black S21 Ultra. Super excited!!!


Up in Canada, my Ultra was delivered this afternoon. Always nice when they're head of the game


Tomorrow is the day! 256GB Phantom black, Watch 3 & buds pro! Trading in a Pixel 4XL. Looking forward to given Samsung an honest try again


What about you? Have you received your Galaxy S21 pre-order?

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  • Mine is out for delivery today! Bonus : This gave me a good excuse to work from home today...
  • LOL! I honest to God had a dentist appointment this morning and was planning on working from home afterward anyway. Talk about lucky coincidences!
  • Just all day virtual workshops for me anyway, so easy to accomplish from home! p.s. UPS delivered to me about 45 minutes ago!
  • Nice! FedEx still has mine sitting at the Destination Facility, where it's been for over 3 hours now. Starting to wonder if I'm actually going to get it today :(
  • Waiting for delivery from FedEx today!
  • Out for delivery today😊
  • Got an email saying me S21 Ultra 512GB on ATT is delayed until 2/27....bummer!
  • Finally got my S21+ late yesterday afternoon. Loving it so far!