It can be pretty frustrating when you need to charge your phone or tablet but all you have is a charging cable and nothing to plug it into. Maybe you lost the power adapter, maybe it fell out, maybe someone is borrowing the only one you had on you.... who knows? But you do know you've been there. Replace some of the outlets in your home with this 2-pack of white Topgreener outlets with 3 high-speed USB ports while the pack is on sale for $26.99. The 2-pack normally sells for around $40 and was recently going for as much as $50. Today's drop marks one of the best prices we've ever seen.

Need to add USB ports to all your outlets? Grab Topgreener's 6-pack on sale for $79.38. That's a good discount off its regular $100 price and the equivalent of buying three of the 2-pack, so the math works out.

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Skip the adapter

Topgreener ultra high-speed 3 USB port outlet 2-pack

The 6-pack is also on sale. These outlets include three USB ports that reach up to 2.4A each with one 15A tamper-resistant receptacle. Forget needing adapters to plug in ever again. Smart enough to not over-charge or over-heat your devices.

$26.99 $40.00 $13 off

Even if you're swimming in power adapters, you might want these outlets just for the sheer convenience of it. You're really just skipping the middleman, right? Why should you need a power adapter in today's world? It's silly that more homes don't come with USB ports built in with how standard they have become. Just embrace the reality and replace them all! Go nuts!

The outlets come with three USB ports that reach up to 2.4A along with a 15A tamper-resistant receptacle. That means it complies with laws that provide for child safety and prevent the insertion of unwanted objects. Believe me, if you ever have a baby, you'll find out real quick they love to play with outlets and switches and basically anything that isn't the hundreds of the dollars you spent on toys just for them.

These also have Intellichip technology in the USB ports so it can detect what power is needed for the smartphone, tablet, or other device that's plugged in. You'll then get exactly what you need with safety precautions to prevent your devices from being overloaded or overheating.

They have back and side wiring for easy installation, and Topgreener covers them with a one-year warranty.

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