Grab a new USB-C Power Delivery wall charger for as little as $10 today

Need a USB-C wall charger with Power Delivery? You've come to the right place. These chargers work with a wide variety of phones, provide some of the fastest charging around, and UGreen currently has three different ones on sale.

The UGreen 18W Power Delivery USB-C wall charger is down to $9.74 on Amazon. Just clip the on-page coupon, which really only takes less than a buck off the price, and combine it with the coupon code UGOCT449. The charger normally sells for $14 and is actually discounted a little bit down to $13 even without the discounts. Combining all these ways to save brings it to a new low.

Need a charger that's a bit more portable? This UGreen USB-C wall charger includes a foldable plug so you can throw it your backpack on the way out the door. Combine the on-page coupon and the code UGOCT226 to get it down to $11.19 from a regular price of $16.

Or are you looking for more power? A USB-C charger powerful enough to charge a laptop? Stack the code UGOCT149 and the 5% off on-page coupon with the UGreen 30W Power Delivery USB-C wall charger. The price drops to $13.99 from $20.

Stack the code with the on-page coupon. Get a much faster charge for Android and iPhone. Works with computers like the MacBook, too. Has built-in safeguards and comes with an 18-month warranty.

All of UGreen's chargers come with an 18-month warranty. They will provide the maximum power output possible and even the 18W version can charge an iPhone X to 50% in half an hour. These wall chargers have broad compatibility and work with everything from the newest iPhone 11 to Samsung's Galaxy lineup to the Nintendo Switch. They also have built-in safeguards to protect your devices from things like over-charging, short circuiting and more.

Take advantage of the USB-C Power Delivery speeds with the right cables. UGreen has a USB-C to Lightning cable on sale now that would make a great companion with one of these chargers for your iPhone devices. Or you can grab a USB-C to USB-C cable for your Android phones.

John Levite
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