Grab AirPods Pro for their lowest price ever on Amazon right now

AirPods Pro on a Daniel Bader
AirPods Pro on a Daniel Bader (Image credit: Daniel Bader / Android Central)

While we're still a couple weeks out from Black Friday, the deals are certainly heating up this week as we get another big sale on Apple's AirPods Pro, dropped to their lowest ever price on Amazon right now of $194. True wireless earbuds with noise cancellation have been an absolute godsend to many of us during this pandemic as we're stuck home trying to get work done while the kids and the pets are making all kinds of noise. And don't even get me started on the noise the neighbors have been making.

Nope, enough of that! It's time to tune out the nonsense and get back to work, or trying to relax after a year full of unending drama.

We reviewed the AirPods Pro last fall when they first debuted, and while there are a few better sounding earbuds out there, the AirPods Pro have absolutely wonderful noise cancelling that may mean more to you right now depending on how much of the world you need to try and tune out. The comfort of wearing these earbuds for hours on end is also great, and something the buds in my own ears right now cannot claim, much to my despair.

These buds can last 5 hours with ANC on before needing to go back into the case for a recharge, and the case can give the pods 24 hours worth of power before you'll need to dig out a Lightning cable to charge these. Yes, unlike just about every other pair of good wireless earbuds released in the last year, the AirPods Pro have a Lightning port to charge, so iPhone users can use the same cable they use to charge up their phone.

For Android users, that's a little bit of a bummer, as is the lack of automatic pairing with Android phones and the inability to change any of the default touch controls for either bud. Those features are iOS only, but Android users can still take advantage of the awesome noise cancelling and the stellar battery life.

Ara Wagoner

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