Google is reportedly prepping a 'Pixelbook Go' to announce at its October event

What you need to know

  • Reports claim the next Pixelbook will be called 'Pixelbook Go'.
  • This Pixelbook appears to have a 13.3-inch "Molecular" display.
  • It is expected this laptop will be a part of the October Google event.

If there was one fairly universal cry from Chromebook fans over the last year, it was to please give us another Pixelbook instead of another Pixel Slate this year. As much fun as the idea of the Chromebook tablet was, it just never lived up to expectations and certainly didn't compete in the way Google had intended. We're not saying Google has walked away from the tablet form factor entirely, but a report from 9to5Google suggests what we're getting this year is a sleeker, slimmer version of the thing most people loved but not everyone could afford. And it's apparently called the Pixelbook Go, no doubt a stab directly at the inexpensive and extremely popular Surface Go from Microsoft.

There's not a lot of details yet, but it seems like Google's next Pixelbook is going to focus on having that same 360-degree hinge on a 13.3-inch 4K display. Google plans to keep the "Molecular Display" branding we saw with the Pixel Slate in an attempt to show off some unique qualities regarding color balancing and image quality. The report also suggests impressive front-firing speakers and a similar Magnesium Allow body, which is also found on Surface computers.

Keep an eye out for multiple color options, including possibly the return of "Not Pink" in the lineup, as well as Intel Core M3, i5, and i7 configurations with storage up to 256GB onboard. Pricing will, of course, be one of the big things we wait and see at the actual October event alongside the Google Pixel 4.

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