Google Pixel Watch is reportedly still happening, but not when you think

Google Pixel 6 Pixel Watch Leak
Google Pixel 6 Pixel Watch Leak (Image credit: Jon Prosser)

What you need to know

  • The Google Pixel Watch will allegedly not launch with the Pixel 6 on Tuesday.
  • The watch has been rumored for some time and will reportedly launch in Q1 2022.
  • The Pixel Watch will likely run Wear OS 3 at launch.

Wear OS fans may be disappointed to learn that Google is allegedly not planning to announce the rumored Pixel Watch at its upcoming smartphone launch.

Leaker Jon Prosser, who has had a pretty good track record lately with Google/Pixel leaks, suggested on Monday that the Pixel Watch will not launch until Q1 2022.

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Prosser has previously stated that the Pixel Watch was slated for either an October or Q1 2022 launch, but apparently, an announcement is unlikely to happen tomorrow. We've reached out to Google to see if the allegations of the watch and its delay are true and will report back if and when we receive a response.

Pixel Watch rumors reentered consumer mindshare when alleged second-hand renders were unveiled earlier this year. However, since then, details on the device have been scarce.

If such a device does launch, whether this week or in Q1 2022, it would likely run Wear OS 3, following the Galaxy Watch 4 but coming before many of the best Wear OS watches on the market. We may also finally get to see the Fitbit integration that Google teased earlier this year.

If a Pixel Watch is on the way, it would be wise to launch it sooner rather than later, especially given all the hype the Pixel 6 is getting. However, with the semiconductor shortage continuing to ravage the mobile industry, Google may be just biding time to ramp up production. After all, Google could very well decide to design its own smartwatch chip like it did for the Pixel 6 and like Samsung did with its own smartwatch.

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  • Nobody was thinking it would launch any time soon. You really shouldn't make assumptions.
  • I really want this to be a success, but unless Google actually supports the Pixel Watch with a reasonable update life cycle of around three years at the minimum, it's not really going to work out. It would also help them immensely to release iterative upgrades annually or biannually if they actually want to build an audience for their hardware. They can start with the Pixel Watch, but they actually need to do this for their entire lineup. They would also need to be consistent on this point for years on end so that buyers would... oh who am I kidding. This is Google.
  • Like you said, it's Google. I'll consider the Google Watch when the 3rd revision is released.
  • Maybe the better question is where would a Pixel watch fit in the busy monile watch and fitness watch space? Samsung makes such a durable, top quality metal framed Galaxy Watch 4 classic, the Galaxy watch active, and the Fit2 band is excellent if you can find one. I'd be willing to wear my Galaxy Watch 4 classic to my industrial job, but the long battery and inexpensive Samsung Fit2 is my choice. Google bought Fitbit,whose fitness bands are outstanding, only the Fitbit Sense is an engineering failure (awful charger setup causing tonnes of consumer complaints)... And the list goes on. A few major android watches have very loyal customer bases... I just don't see where a Pixel watch can be justified for the Google ad company... I think they are quite pleased to let the android community make watch hardware.