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Google Pixel owners get unlimited full resolution photo and video backup

Google's Pixel event is underway, and there are many announcements. Follow along, if you aren't already.

One of the major announcements is around the 12.3MP cameras, and how fantastic they are. Google says that the Pixel camera is one of the fastest and highest-quality on the market, which is great.

But one of the big announcements from the event is that Pixel owners get free, unlimited full-resolution backups for photos and 4K videos on Google Photos, a big differentiator from other Android devices, which only get unlimited "high" resolution photos.

It's a big upgrade for photographers, and may be a good reason for many to choose the Pixel. Will you?

Daniel Bader was a former Android Central Editor-in-Chief and Executive Editor for iMore and Windows Central. 

  • That's amazing!
  • Indeed.
  • very nice incentive!
  • Mmmmmm, all dat free storage
  • I plan to upgrade from my 6p.
  • Agreed.
  • Grrrrr, and here I am about to spend $ after I said I was gonna hold on to my 6p. Sheesh
  • Yeah, that kinda sold me.
  • Alright, that's pretty fantastic. This is swaying me.
  • I feel like this will be important to me as a soon to be father....
  • For life or 2 years?
  • That's going to be the big question...
  • This is the right question to ask! Also will it only be for photos uploaded from the phone or any device?
  • Yes. Whichever of the two comes first.
  • I read on another blog that it's only Pixel pictures that is unlimited...not sure how that would work since I have 100gb of pictures already
  • Google absolutely killing it... Buy a Pixel or iPhone are the only options at high end. Galaxy phones should just settle for mid tier phones.
  • Omg...just stop lol
  • Too each their own. I'll keep my best in class display, camera, waterproofing, battery life, and theming engine. :-)
  • Oh, look. The usual useless troll.
  • Why?
  • The problem is if you eventually move to a non Pixel phone, and retire the Pixel. Arer you suddenly on the hook to pay for storage for all the full resolution space you're consuming w/ your Galaxy S9 (or whatever phone you've moved on to)?
  • Buy the next Pixel.
  • Is this to make up for the apparent lack of SD card slot? Personally I'd rather have my files and photos on physical media rather than in a cumulonimbus, but if the 128GB model is well priced I guess I could cope.
  • It's 769 smh.
  • 128GB is way over priced. What set Google phones apart from the competition was the price,pure google and being unlocked. For the asking prices they could have at least included expandable storage. I'm with you on this one I myself prefer expandable storage too.
  • Isn't the High Resolution free storage option up to 16MP? With a 12.3MP camera, of course it's free unlimited Full Resolution storage because the camera doesn't even reach the cutoff spec of the High Resolution option.
  • It's everything, including 4k video. That is some serious space.
  • Hmm...that's tempting. If the Pixel XL's camera can outperform my LG G4, I may be going back to a Google phone (Nexus 4 being my last). It's not clear, is it just for photos or video too?
  • Both
  • That's funny, I get free Unlimited HD on my Moto Droid Force Z
  • 4k, and nobody cares about moto
  • To be fair, the Moto Z Play is getting a lot of attention so people somewhere must care about Moto.
  • Or you can post a few pics and reviews on maps and get 2TB for free.
  • For how long?
  • How long is the free cloud storage?
  • 800 bucks for xl unlocked.....kiss my hairy butthole!
  • It's a lot of storage if they sell any phones..
  • What happens when you get a new phone? Are the photos already stored safe from downgrade?
  • My question is with the free unlimited storage... Do I buy a Pixel 32GB or 128GB ??
  • I went for the 32GB with tons of apps I only used 9GB of the phone's storage And since I get unlimited photo and video I think I'm going to be OK on storage.
  • How do these phones still not have OIS?
  • I thought the same thing. it may not be needed given dxomark's review results.
  • OIS is needed for video recording, which is mostly what I nod with a smartphone camera. I wish Photos had a decent desktop client like Microsoft or Apple photos. I can't use it as long as its chained to a web browser.
  • Using Google Photos in the Cloud? Your just gave up your digital rights to your photos to Google. Your privacy just went out the window.
  • This is one of the main features given for buying a Pixel? Really? This is supposed to want me to pay a premium price for a less than premium phone?
    HECK NO!!!
  • I agree, I like my photos and videos with me, I should not need data or WiFi to access my stuff. I don't know why they just did not add a SD card slot and it makes even less sense when they made Android be able to make SD cards part of internal memory.
  • Is the free unlimited only for photos taken with the Pixel? I can't see pics taken with a 12 MP camera going over the limit size set by Google Photos.
  • Yes, only for content from the Pixel phone.
  • What about the Nexus users getting unlimited original backups?
  • Unless you are that enthusiastic about 4K video, this isn't anything to be that hyped about. The unlimited offer is only for content shot by the Pixel which has a 12MP Camera. Google's existing unlimited High Def is for 16MP. So the Pixel can't even reach that value & 4K video is still a ways off from being mainstream. Its up for debate whether 4K is worth its weight because of the hit devices take in battery to support such a screen.
  • Does anyone know if the unlimited storage is automatic when you take photos with the pixel or do you have to set up a setting somewhere?