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Google Pixel and Pixel XL now officially on sale

We watched, we waited and we may have even salivated ... but today is the day the Pixel and Pixel XL are actually on sale. No more pre-order nonsense or wondering when they would actually ship. Depending on which model exactly you want, you can pick up the phone today and start using it right away.

Even if you're a bit pickier about which color, storage option and retailer you use, there are still choices out there that'll get you a Pixel very quickly.

Though stock has taken a hit with pre-orders being open for two weeks, the Google Store still has some models of the Pixel available — namely 128GB black and silver, or 32GB black. Shipping times are listed as 3-4 weeks, though, which is a downer for some. For those looking to get a Pixel right now Verizon will have them in stores starting today, and of course you can guarantee the specific model you want by ordering online instead with fast shipping. At the time of writing Verizon has all three colors and both storage options available for the Pixel. Best Buy seems to roughly match Verizon's availability, as it's selling the Verizon model.

See at Google Store{.cta .shop} See at Verizon (opens in new tab) See at Best Buy (opens in new tab)

If you've had your eyes on a Pixel XL since reading our review, things are slightly more difficult. The Google Store (and by extension, Project Fi) is straight-up out of Pixel XL stock, no matter the color or storage configuration you desire. Verizon, on the other hand, has 32GB silver and black models ready to roll — if you want blue or 128GB, the shipping date is listed as November 18. Best Buy has a few SKUs available, but some are also backorderd about a month.

But say you're not in the U.S. ... well, we have you covered. Check out these handy guides for all of the places you can pick up a Pixel!

Where to buy the Pixel and Pixel XL in Canada

Where to buy the Pixel and Pixel XL in the UK

Where to buy the Pixel and Pixel XL in India

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  • Mine is on the truck for delivery, I am bouncing off the walls at work.
  • codiusprime, i'm from Algeria, and it's to expensive here the Pixel with dinard low :( Can you help me for that? Thank you a lot bro
  • Help him, he might be a prince looking to share his fortune with you!
  • Same here. Constantly refreshing the tracking status.
  • Where do you live? I can grab it, i mean, keep it safe for you..... hehehe
  • You should have taken the day off!!!
  • My XL 128GB is stuck in preorder through Verizon and is not supposed to ship till 11/18 now, I preordered on the 10/12... so if people can walk into a store to buy a Verizon XL 128GB version and walk out with it on the spot, I will be pissed!!
  • Of course they will :)
    Happened to me b4, so I don't bother pre-ordering anything
  • Still trying to order one unfortunately
  • I went into my local VZW Corporate store at lunch to check them out. Pixel displays are first thing inside the door. Not buying today, but I like the 5" Pixel. Still going to wait on some battery life reports before I pull the trigger.
  • Man I hope Verizon can do for that Pixel what it did for the Droid. It is a good phone I feel, get it advertised and put it in front of walk in customers and it will sell.
  • We need more cases! Wtf Google, tpu bs cases??
  • Exactly, I'm waiting on the rubber case to be available. I wish they would make these available at launch.
  • I'm waiting for a wireless charging case. Nillkin makes a really nice one for iPhone. Or at least a thin hard plastic case in the meantime
  • It's a good thing big V is offering the big trade-in discount on it. Otherwise, it couldn't begin to compete with the V20! I guess if you are really into Google assistant maybe.
  • V20? Lol.. Who's going to seriously buy that?
  • People who care about the audio, a/v geeks, that big screen, camera?
  • Too bad the phones are over priced
  • It's priced accordingly to its peers.
  • I don't see it in sale in the Google store.
  • Same here in the New Zealand store.
  • How did things go from "don't buy a Pixel from Verizon" to posting links to buy the phone at Verizon? If people shouldn't buy it there don't post the links.
  • +1
  • Mine have been processing for like 2 days now.
  • I would give a call to whomever you've purchased it from, I've seen some posts in the forums from others about having difficulty with credit card processing/verification. I think it's related to things like the delivery address not matching the credit card address, etc. Good luck, hope it works out for you.
  • YUP, my order went to cancellation limbo on it's own and the Play CS as nice as they are can't seem to figure out why, much less how to reverse it... Starting to tick me off, NEVER had Play Store issues like this before, haven't changed jack on my account, have made a dozen orders in the past (lotsa Cast devices, that).
  • What a joke of an article.... Officially on sale but you can't actually get one at the Google store. And say waiting over a month isn't another form of pre order your mistaken. I'm ok that I can't get one but don't write a lame duck of an article
  • This exactly. I can maybe walk into a best buy and buy it today but they're charging a premium for an off contract one.
  • Would like to know where this author got their info on availability. Google store oos, and none at Verizon.
  • I am a little surprised that we haven't heard anything from Google on preorder #'s or when they might be available. It's one thing to misjudge the demand, it's another to be silent about it. I mean, seriously, shut up and take my money (and how about a little communication/customer service).
  • They are busy trying to restock the whole 200 devices sold lol
  • You bet. Same ole Google launch non sense.
  • +1
  • Mine was delivered today and I am seriously impressed. I think Google has a hit with this one.
  • Just back from Verizon to test out these Pixels, and my oh my, it looks uninspiring and boring. Good thing I had the patience to wait for them to hit stores.
  • Same here. Saw them at Verizon today and they are nothing to be excited about. The sales rep even said they haven't even sold any yet. They even had a big sign in window and huge display area right as you walk in.
  • Google again, isn't advertising the phone properly. Like the Nexus' before it, they make awful ads that people don't know what's being advertised and do it mostly on YouTube. Google needs to hire an advertising firm already. And if they did, they need a new one.
  • Some of you guys are to much. What do you want it to do? It's a phone.
  • For the price... Wireless charging, water proofing, front firing stereo speakers and micro-sd slot just to name a few! I can pick up just a phone for 30 bucks!
  • Well this phone isn't for you, pick another. Case closed.
  • Am gonna buy Nexus 6P or Oneplus 3 instead, money will be well spent. $769 for that Pixel!
  • Yeah, waterproofing would be nice but the other stuff isn't necessarily needed to justify anything. Buy something that has all of that of you want it.
  • The sale guy I met wasn't excited to talk about and, nobody was looking at them. The funny part was there was a guy holding his Note 7 to be exchanged, and he got so pissed off comparing the two. WTH did samsung do..
  • I need to see it with my eyes.
  • Spent 30 minute playing with one at lunch today, I so wanted to be impressed with this phone and wasn't. The XL feels lighter and cheaper than the IP7+, the glass upper portion really looks more disjointed and out of place on the phone in person. The silver has a white glass upper, completely horrendous.
    On a positive note, the phone is really snappy, screen looks good, not great, and the camera takes nice pictures. It's not enough to sway me away from my 6S+, maybe Pixel 2.0 will bring me back into the fold.
  • Same here. Waiting for real life battery life reports for the regular pixel vs pixel xl. I'm assuming it'll probably be like the s7 vs s7edge. If that's the case then it's the xl for the fiance.
  • Yes thanks G-luv, you too! Oh and I found the name...It's called "goStrap". I use it on both my e-reader and my phone, which are both phablet-sized and make them easy to operate single-handedly. It definitely has stopped the dropping problem but probably just as importantly, it has given me back the use of my hand!!! Their website's kind of dinky but you can also get them at Bed Bath and Beyond. Hope this helps and best of luck!
  • Sites keep posting these "Pixel is available to buy" articles, but they really aren't. It has been showing out of stock at the Google store for me since the day it was announced. Maybe you can buy one at Verizon, but they can go kick rocks.
  • Got mine yesterday. we are having growing pains but it is smooth.
  • What problems are you having? My pixel XL is running so fast & smooth loving it so far!
  • Funny thing is that most of the fanboys said it was sold out and pre-orders have been canceled yet I go to a Verizon store and ask the clerk how many pixels have been sold in the last 24 hrs and the response was around 2 maybe 3 units, smh.. All this hype and nonsense stating that the phone was going to be a hit yet when I asked the rep why do you think it has not sold more units he stated that most customers were complaining about the price and the fact that it looks like a mere copy of the iphone. I predicted this outcome, If you look at my comments I actually said the exact same thing that the rep told me before the pixel and pixel xl were released, I just don't understand how google expected to sell these like hot cakes at it's current price-point. I'ts not a bad phone, on the contrary it's actually a beast of a phone under the hood, now when it comes to aesthetics they failed miserably.