Google Pixel and Pixel XL now officially on sale

We watched, we waited and we may have even salivated ... but today is the day the Pixel and Pixel XL are actually on sale. No more pre-order nonsense or wondering when they would actually ship. Depending on which model exactly you want, you can pick up the phone today and start using it right away.

Even if you're a bit pickier about which color, storage option and retailer you use, there are still choices out there that'll get you a Pixel very quickly.

Though stock has taken a hit with pre-orders being open for two weeks, the Google Store still has some models of the Pixel available — namely 128GB black and silver, or 32GB black. Shipping times are listed as 3-4 weeks, though, which is a downer for some. For those looking to get a Pixel right now Verizon will have them in stores starting today, and of course you can guarantee the specific model you want by ordering online instead with fast shipping. At the time of writing Verizon has all three colors and both storage options available for the Pixel. Best Buy seems to roughly match Verizon's availability, as it's selling the Verizon model.

See at Google Store{.cta .shop} See at Verizon See at Best Buy

If you've had your eyes on a Pixel XL since reading our review, things are slightly more difficult. The Google Store (and by extension, Project Fi) is straight-up out of Pixel XL stock, no matter the color or storage configuration you desire. Verizon, on the other hand, has 32GB silver and black models ready to roll — if you want blue or 128GB, the shipping date is listed as November 18. Best Buy has a few SKUs available, but some are also backorderd about a month.

But say you're not in the U.S. ... well, we have you covered. Check out these handy guides for all of the places you can pick up a Pixel!

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