Where to buy the Google Pixel and Pixel XL in India

The Pixel and Pixel XL are now official, and the phones are all set to debut in India later this month. Pre-orders are now live, with in-store availability kicking off from October 24.

The phones are available in Quite Black and Very Silver color options, with both the 32GB and 128GB storage variants available. Here's how much the phones cost in India:

  • 32GB Pixel: ₹57,000
  • 128GB Pixel: ₹66,000
  • 32GB Pixel XL: ₹67,000
  • 128GB Pixel XL: ₹76,000

The Pixel and Pixel XL are targeted at the high-end segment, offering the latest internal hardware in the form of a 2.15GHz Snapdragon 821 SoC, 4GB of RAM, 32GB or 128GB storage, 12.3MP camera, 8MP front shooter, and USB-C. The Pixel has a 5-inch Full HD display, with the Pixel XL sporting a 5.5-inch QHD panel.

This time around, Google is focusing its attention on after-sales support, and has mentioned that Pixel and Pixel XL customers will be able to call a dedicated toll-free number for any assistance. For any hardware-related issues, you'll be able to 54 walk in service centers in over 30 cities across the country.

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Buy the Pixel and Pixel XL at Flipkart

Flipkart is selling both the Pixel and Pixel XL in India, although the 32GB variant of the Pixel XL is not available just yet. Right now, the 32GB and 128GB variants of the Pixel and the 128GB model of the Pixel XL are available, all in the Quite Black color option. There are no cashback offers available, but the first 1,000 customers to buy each variant of the Pixel or Pixel XL will receive a gift voucher valued at 10% of the retail cost of either handset. Buying the 32GB Pixel? You get a ₹5,700 voucher.

Like other high-end phones, Flipkart is offering several financing schemes for those looking to pick up the Pixel or Pixel XL. The site is offering no cost EMIs on credit cards from Axis, Citibank, HDFC, HSBC, ICICI, Indusland, State Bank of India, and Standard Chartered, as well as Bajaj Finserv cards.

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Buy the Pixel and Pixel XL at Croma

Right now, your best option for buying the Pixel or Pixel XL is Croma. The site has both Quite Black and Very Silver color options on offer, and is selling the 32GB and 128GB storage variants of both the Pixel and Pixel XL. You can also opt for EMIs through HDFC or Citibank credit cards. There's also the option to order online and pick up from a nearby Croma store on launch day, but the facility is limited to a few outlets across the country.

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Buy the Pixel and Pixel XL at Reliance Digital

Both the Pixel and Pixel XL will be coming to Reliance Digital. The store isn't offering pre-orders, but both handsets will be available from Reliance stores nationwide starting October 24.

Are you buying the Pixel or Pixel XL in India?

Harish Jonnalagadda
Senior Editor - Asia

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  • Its bloody expensive. Period. Nexus phones are about being a mix of great hardware & stock software along with an affordable price tag. This shouldn't have been any different.
  • True. For that price, don't see anyone buying it over an S7 edge or the iPhone 7.
  • Exactly.
  • Is that an officially stated price, or from a source?
  • Official from Google. Wouldn't be writing it otherwise.
  • This is exactly the reason why google want to up it's game so that they don't hear such statements (IMHO). They don't want you to buy a phone just coz it has great specs and costs less instead they are trying to build a brand (I guess that is the sole reason they changed it from Nexus) that iPhone has built over the years. They are marketing it as a premium product and as is the case with other premium products; it has got a price tag to it!! That said, we will definitely have to see how this phone holds up to those promises and the initial impressions are really looking good.
    On a side note, the only plus I see for iPhone in this case is the water resistance, that's it, google has been quite competitive in rest of the fronts and if you take the battle of google assistant vs siri; google is closing in at a pretty darn good pace (basis the personal experience)
  • Premium product with a garbage design.
  • **** yeahh man. Someone should tell google to stop making bill gates ****..
  • The pricing ($649 vs $855) is as ridiculous as the iPhone pricing in India.
  • This will be the first significant setback to Google's otherwise rosy India story: Android does not have the platform pull iOS commands (and demands). And at that price, every user will by default swivel to the iPhone instead. Sorry, Google, you bungled this up.
  • I would buy a bike I think.
  • True That :)
  • With price drop of S7 edge and S7 most people rather buy that same specs better camera...water proofing and sd card slot
  • That's true. Or they'll consider the 6P.
  • I'll definitely be taking a look at the 64GB for next purchase. Especially if it gets a price drop.
  • The pricing is daft. They won't sell anything and then sink the business under the cost of those service centers.
  • Really a huge set back in a country like India. You really have to aim for a reasonable price aroung 40k-45k
  • It's expensive, but they're offering unlimited cloud storage dedicated toll free number in settings menu and of course android updates for may be 3 or more years so there are reasons for this phone to be expensive
  • Google simply lost their touch.
  • I'm waiting to see if people really buy that phone in India. I agree, it is a great phone but it is very expensive too and with India being one of the countries that is crazy about Samsung and Apple, I don't see this phone selling much.
  • Wow... That's a lot of Rupees... It's expensive everywhere, but it looks like Google really want to put India over a barrel.
  • Too expensive for Indian market. I agree Google wants to distinguish pixel as a branded technology like Apple or Samsung or HTC but its hard to see people buying this over Samsung galaxy s7 or even the new iPhone's or HTC 10. Both Samsung and HTC offers much more features at reduced price now. Also the only upside will be the software updates and tech support and apple's much ahead in those two departments compared to Google.