The Google Pixel 6 could launch in even fewer countries than the Pixel 5

Google Pixel 6 Pro
Google Pixel 6 Pro (Image credit: Google)

What you need to know

  • Google officially announced the Pixel 6 and 6 Pro this week.
  • The company did not provide details around availability, but splash pages give us an idea of where it will launch.
  • Google will provide full details during the launch later this fall.

The Google Pixel 6 and 6 Pro are official, thanks to the company's teaser announcement on Monday. And while the company gave us a good idea of what to expect from these devices, many details were still left out, like availability. However, thanks to some internet sleuths, we might have an idea of where the Pixel 6 will launch.

As pointed out by Android Police, the landing page for the Pixel 6 is live in several countries, including the United States, making it likely that the upcoming flagship will launch in these countries:

The current batch of Pixel phones isn't widely available, with the Pixel 5 only available in nine countries, so the small number of countries isn't too surprising. And while the launch could be limited to these eight countries (sorry, Ireland), this is by no means the final list, at least not yet.

It's worth pointing out that while the full range of Pixel 6 colors are available in most countries listed, the selection appears limited in France. The French landing page only shows the green and black Pixel 6 and the black 6 Pro.

Android Central pressed for confirmation, but Google was a bit less upfront about disclosing availability than it was with the upcoming Pixel 5a, telling us that distribution details will be shared in the fall.

So far, there seems to be plenty of excitement around the upcoming smartphones, which feature the company's first custom-built SoC, Google Tensor. It will no doubt be the company's silver bullet to compete with the best Android phones on the market thanks to its focus on AI and machine learning, two things that Google excels in.

There is still plenty of time before Google's full announcement. With the impressive advancements introduced in the Pixel 6 smartphones, hopefully Google will make them widely available for more people to get their hands on them.

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  • Too bad no new Note this year!
  • Who cares about the bloody Note? Right now, it's all about the Pixel 6 Pro for me (if my lotterynumbers come up) otherwise it's the 4a 5G this fall.
  • Wait, so after all the fan boying and cheerleading, you're not even buying a pixel 6? Aww jeez.
  • You must mean the 5a 5G. The 4a 5G has gone bye-bye. Can't find a new one anywhere. Maybe I missed something but nada! I think Google is afraid that the 5a will steal sales from the 6's and that's why they're not going to make the 5a available to very many countries. Their reasoning is simple...if you want the newest Pixel it will have to be the 6.
  • I wish Google only the best with this one. I hope they manage to pull it off without any disappointments for their fans. They don't have a great track record though. The most worrying thing is how that new chip will perform in these probably pricey phones.
  • The chip will likely be basically an Exynos with a little bit of custom architecture... It's not gonna outperform an 888, but I'd wager it'll get the job done. But the worry is warranted, I don't think there's been a Pixel that didn't have hardware issues outside of the a line.
  • Is the 6 coming to carriers or just Google?
  • As long as the Pixel 6 launches in the UK then I don't care about other countries.
  • I am hopeful that after the presentation event, they will update my country's store and that the Pixel 6 Pro will be available to buy.
    Of course I will have to conform to the color they want.
  • Let's hope the price is right. Maybe $500 for the Pixel 6 and $700 for the Pro. Anything more is pure insanity given the current economic climate.
  • Are you a troll? It makes no sense for someone to be this delusional about flagship pricing.