Google Lens picks up productivity updates for the stay-at-home life

Google Lens at i/O
Google Lens at i/O (Image credit: Android Central)

What you need to know

  • Google Lens gets a few updates to improve its productivity.
  • These updates include smart copy and paste, in-line search, and a Listen function for learning foreign languages.
  • They will all be available on Android today, with Listen debuting on iOS in a later update.

Google has announced a set of upgrades for Google Lens, its smart camera app. As we're all bound at home, naturally these updates are designed around making home life more convenient, here's a few of them.

  • Cross-device copy and paste- Google Lens gains a new "copy to computer" feature with this update. Point your camera at any piece of text, including handwritten notes (for those with legible handwriting), and Google will let you copy and paste it to any laptop with a signed-in Chrome browser.
  • Read out words - If you're taking the time to learn a new language during this period, Google Lens will help you with that. Lens now offers the ability to point your camera at a word and learn how to pronounce it with a new Listen button. You won't need it if you're using something like Duolingo, but learning with something more analog makes this useful.
  • In-line word search - You're probably not studying rocket surgery, but if you are, Lens now offers quick in-line Google searches for phrases or concepts you may find difficult. It's a little remiscent of Google Now on Tap, and a truly helfpul feature we're glad to see make a comeback.

Google is bringing these updates to iOS and Android, from today with the exception of "Listen". That'll come first to Android, with a later update to the Google app expected to bring it to iOS.

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A selection of useful updates makes one of Google's most helpful apps more useful for our more confined lifestyles.

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