Google Introducing New Music Service, Actually More Like Super Search ?

Google is looking to get involved with music services and it's going to use the help of current web services like iLike and LaLa to do so. From what we gathered, Google Audio will allow people to search for artists, songs, etc and it'll display results in either snippets of the song or full-length versions and point users to where they can easily purchase those songs. And though that's an amazing and exciting proposition, being able to simply use the power of Google to get easy-access to purchasing songs, it's not exactly going head to head with the moneymaking heavyweight that is iTunes.

But still, a lot is unknown at this point and certain final UI details and design may change and clearer details may eventually come about. But what is sure is that Google is planning to announce this new service on October 28th (interestingly, the same day as the Droid event!) so we'll find out soon. Could Google eventually use their new service to replace the Amazon MP3 Store on Android?

What do you guys think about Google's new music service?

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Casey Chan