Google Fi is ending its coronavirus-inspired free data and grace period promotions

Google FI Website
Google FI Website (Image credit: Android Central)

What you need to know

  • Google Fi is rolling back its COVID-19 related freebies.
  • Starting September 3, full-speed data limits for Flexible and Unlimited users will return to 15GB and 22GB, respectively.
  • Non-payment of bills three days after the billing deadline will also result in a shutdown of services, down from 60 days.

Following an extremely generous offer aimed at helping those in need during the pandemic, Google Fi has announced a rollback of its special dispensations related to COVID-19.

Announced back in April, the Google-owned MVNO was allowing all users 30GB of full-speed data use, up from 15GB for users on the Flexible plan and 22GB for users on the Unlimited plan.

That policy will now be reverted starting September 3, and both Flexible and Unlimited plan users will go back to their pre-COVID data caps of 15GB and 22GB, respectively. Once these limits have been exceeded, users' internet use will be throttled to 256kbps. Going back to full-speed data will require a charge of $10 per GB for the rest of the billing cycle.

Similarly, starting September 3, Google Fi will also end its extended grace period policy allowing people to defer payments up to 60 days past their billing deadline. The grace period will now revert to the default three days, after which Google will shut off most services, like making and receiving calls and texts or using data.

If you're still experiencing difficulties due to the pandemic, however, Google is promising to offer special consideration to those who need it: " While we're returning to our standard policies, we still want to be there to help. If you are experiencing COVID-19 related financial hardship, please contact us to see if your account is eligible for additional support."

Muhammad Jarir Kanji