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Ghost of Tsushima for PS4 and PS5: List of all outfits and armor

Ghost Of Tsushima Ghost Armor
Ghost Of Tsushima Ghost Armor (Image credit: Android Central)

What's a samurai without some cool armor? Ghost of Tsushima has plenty of armor options that you can choose from that can be earned by completing various activities or found throughout the world. We've compiled a list of them, including newer pieces added in Ghost of Tsushima Director's Cut, so that you can see what they look like and find out if you're missing any.

If any of the armor or masks seen below look different than yours, it could be because it is an upgraded version of the armor or it has been dyed another color. Certain headbands earned by completing haikus may have a different description depending on which lines you chose.


Body armor is the only piece of armor in the game that offers special attributes when you wear it. Every time you upgrade your armor, these attributes improve as well.

NameAttributesGameplay Image
Samurai Clan Armor○ Reduces all damage
○ Increases health
○ Taking damage grants Resolve
Broken ArmorNo special attributes. Samurai armor that is damaged beyond repair
Tadayori's Armor○ Increases nocking and reload speed
○ Increases total concentration time
○ Headshots restore concentration
Ronin Attire○ Reduces enemy detection speed
○ Increases melee damage
○ After leaving pampas grass while crouched, enemies will be much slower to detect you
Gosaku's Armor○ Increases health
○ Increases stagger damage
○ Killing a staggered enemy restores health
Sakai Clan Armor○ Increases melee damage
○ Increases health
○ Increases Standoff streak, winning a Standoff may terrify enemies
Kensei Armor○ Increase to Resolve gains
○ Ghost weapons deal more damage
○ Striking an enemy with a Ghost weapon causes that enemy to deal less damage and receive more damage
Ghost Armor○ Reduces enemy detecton speed
○ Reduces the number of kills needed to enter the Ghost Stance
○ Kills have a chance to terrify a nearby enemy
Mongol Commander's Armor○ Increases health
○ Reduces all damage
○ Disguises you while out of combat, reducing Mongol detection speed
Traveler's Attire○ Track artifacts with the Guiding Wind
○ Traveling clears more fog of war on the map
○ Controller will vibrate when near an artifact
Fundoshi○ "A true samurai needs no clothes." - Jin Sakai after too much sake
○ Running and sprinting no longer create noise
Sarugami○ Imbued with the power of a fearsome monkey spirit, pushing its owner to embrace risk and danger
○ Regular Parry is disabled, Perfect Parry becomes a chain of two attacks, Perfect Dodge damages nearby enemies
○ Resolve gains increased
○ Perfect Parry and Dodge windows increased


Like helmets, face masks also don't have any special attributes and can be worn with whatever type of body armor you please. Masks are purely cosmetic.

NameDescriptionGameplay Image
Ghost MaskInspired by the Sakai mask, created for the Ghost by a good friend.
Glowering WarriorCrafted for a proud samurai of Tsushima.
Sakai Half MaskWorn by the samurai of the Sakai clan.
Sakai MaskWorn by the greatest samurai of the Sakai clan.
Adachi Half MaskWorn by samurai of the Adachi clan.
Guardian's ScowlCreated for Wrathful guardian's of Tsushima.
Skeletal VengeanceA grim reminder that death lurks everywhere.
Avenging LordWorn by a lord whose brutality was infamous.
Purity of WarA warrior's unswerving resolution will bring victory.
Wolf of TsushimaA deadly hunter, whether alone or with allies.
Nasu Baba's WrathDemonic visage for a fearsome warrior.
Thief's WrapAn indomitable lord emerges from Tsushima's clans.
Ivory of WoeFor those wishing to stay anonymous.
Venerable SpiritWorn by warriors who have earned respect.
Sacred Mountain MessengerTrue warrior and servant of the mountain kami.
Gosaku's VisageThe face of Gosaku, who feared no one and defended all.
Shattered Mask of TomoeWorn by a legendary archer, once an enemy, but no longer...
Conqueror's MaskWorn by high-ranking Mongol warriors and leaders.
Snows of KamiagataWorn mainly in the north for warmth.
Brutal BanditFor those who don't need to hide their past deeds.
Haunted DreamsWorn by those who have seen death.
Samurai Clan MaskTraditional mask worn by samurai of Tsushima.
Kijin's BloodTsushima's avenging demon.
Seiryuu's GlareFor a warrior with the heart of a dragon.
Sarugami's MawFace the fierce jaws of a Sarugami.

Helmets and headbands

While certain armor sets have particular helmets and masks that go with them, you can mix and match however you want. Helmets are independent of your body armor and do not come with any stat boosts.

NameDescriptionGameplay Image
Samurai Clan HelmetWorn with pride by the samurai of Tsushima.
Samurai Clan Helmet - RefinedWorn with pride by the samurai of Tsushima.
Sword Master's HatWorn by wanderers whose first duty is mastery of the blade.
Sakai Clan HelmetHallmark of the samurai of the Sakai clan.
Sakai Clan Helmet - ImprovedHallmark of the samurai of the Sakai clan.
Sakai Clan Helmet - RefinedFor the leader of the Sakai clan. Previously worn by Jin's father, Kazumasa Sakai.
Tadayori's Hat - ImprovedWorn by Tadayori, legendary archer and Azamo Bay's savior.
Ghost HeadbandThe headband of Tsushima's legendary Ghost.
Patchwork Straw HatSimple, unaffected, and repaired by its owner for many years.
Bowman's Straw HatFavored by skilled archers.
Farmer's Straw HatFavored by farmers and those who support them.
Wood Spirit Straw HatFor those who walk the lonely forests and bogs of Tsushima.
Weathered Straw HatIt may have been better days, but it has lived a full life.
Wanderer's Straw HatKeeps the rain off your face and the sun from your eyes.
Betrayer's HatLast worn by a childhood friend... and a traitor to Tsushima.
Headband of UncertaintyOcean out of reach. An Unknown world teems with life. Nowhere left to go.
Headband of StrifeClose being the veil. Struggle and cry out for help. Shattered, but alive.
Band of the Second SonThe colors of a warrior from a dstant time and place.
Headband of DefeatPure of heart and soul. Warriors fall, birthed anew. Gasping for new life.
Headband of SurvivalThriving in the dark. The outstretched hands left to fend. Answers never found.
Headler's HeadbandCherished by the healers of Akashima.
Headband of PreservationSights set high above. A journey's path never known. Rushing past failure.
Sago Blue HeadbandHandcrafted in the northen rown of Sago, famed for its dyes.
Headband of SerenityWhispers through the trees. Swaying freely in the wind. Growing ever strong.
Gosaku's Helmet - ImprovedWorn by Gosaku, famed protector of Tsushima's farmers.
Gosaku's Helmet - RefinedGosaku's helmet gave rise to his nickname, the Tiger of Tsushima.
Kensei Hat - ImprovedA trophy taken from the straw hat duelist Kojiro.
Kensei Hat - RefinedA trophy taken from the straw hat duelist Kojiro.
Headband of RebirthA journey awaits. A welcome escape from all. Wash the fear away.
Headband of FearSecrets buried deep. Shifting shadows beckon forth. Guided by night's glow.
Gyozen's BlindfoldWorn by the keepers of Tsushima's legends.
Headband of RuinShattered and hopeless. Bowing to devastation. Accepting our fate.
Headband of DeathBasked in peace, we rest. The earth's cold grasp, underneath. Flourishing and free.
Headband of PerseveranceBanded together. Fear of what's lurking beneath. Trained to never fail.
Crooked Kama HeadbandReap your enemies like rice at harvest time.
Chaos HeadbandPrefered by those who sow confusion and fear in the ranks of their enemies.
Noble Fighter's HeadbandOnly those with worthy ambitions may wear this headband.
Clear Summer HeadbandRefreshing as a sea breeze in summer.
Fierce Warrior's HeadbandHeralds the relentless futy of a warrior without fear.
Headband of PeaceFollowing the breeze. Deep breaths released to the wind. Prepared to change course.
Kensei HeadbandA trophy taken from the Straw Hat duelist Kojiro.
Gosaku's HeadbandWorn by the legendary Gosaku.
Pure Intent HeadbandFor warriors whose purpose and commitment never waver.
Mongol HelmetWorn by Mongol soldiers.
Hinode HeadbandBrilliant as the sunlight that drives away evil spirits.
Tora HeadbandImparts the fury and cunning of the tiger to its wearer.
Serpent Strike HeadbandDyed the shade of a venemous snake, so beware the wearer's bite.
Warrior's Sunset HeadbandAs day gives way to night, blood and fire to follow.
Plum Blossom HeadbandOne day peace will return to Tsushima, like a cool night breeze that rustles the plum trees.
Headband of RefugeCalm waters, calm mind. Darkness fades in brilliant light. We rise together.
Night Ocean HeadbandFor a warrior who strikes from the depths of unknown darkness.
Kyoto Twilight HeadbandImbued with the mysterious power of the imperial court.
Headband of the InvasionCalm before the storm. Overtaking all it sees. Rushing to the end.
Natural Vengeance HeadbandThe wilderness harbors danger and delight alike.
Aozora HeadbandOptimism in the face of adversity is the samurai spirit.
Headband of StrengthThe final defense. The mind recalls the teachings. Fight through the darkness.
Headband of HopeEndure together. A heart refusing to fail. Overcome the odds.
Northern Farmer's HatPreferred by the farmers of the colder Kamiagata climate.
Toyotama Straw HatFavored by those who haunt Toyotama's marshes.
Riverbed Straw HatA poor, humble traveler... or a deadly warrior?
Oni's Blade Straw HatThe wandering warrior who brings terror to evil spirits.
TengaiTrue mastery begins where individual ego ends.
White HeadbandThe will of a warrior is timeless and untouched by death.
Genbu Straw HatThe power of darkness and shadow.
Sarugami HelmetA sure defense against Sarugami's foes.
Sarugmi Helmet ImprovedA kabuto worthy of Sarugami himself.
Sarugami Helmet RefinedSarugami watches over any who wear his helm or dare to face him.

Horse Armor

With the Iki Island expansion, you can find horse armor for your trusty steed!

NameDescriptionGameplay Image
Sakai Horse Armor○ You are more resilient to attacks when mounted
○ Horse Charge deals more damage, can one-hit kill Brutes
○ 10% chance to recover Resolve when using Horse Charge

If you're interested in Ghost of Tsushima, check out our review where we say it's a great samurai game, but doesn't bring anything unique to the table and its open world is pretty sparse.

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