Genshin Impact ascension guide: Materials, quests, levels, and requirements

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Genshin Impact quickly became an incredibly popular game after its release and that's in no small part to how the game allows you to become powerful. All you have to do is ascend to a higher state.

To do that, you'll need to level up your Genshin Impact characters and weapons as much as possible, reach the correct Adventure Ranks, and have the right items on hand. Each character and weapon you'll want to upgrade requires specific items to do so, which you must either purchase, find on the map, or win in battles. Here's everything you need to know about ascension and its requirements.

Genshin Impact ascension: What is it?

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After you've been playing with a character in Genshin Impact for a certain amount of time, you'll hit a wall where the character and its weapons cannot increase in level or stats. Ascension allows you to continue a character or weapon's progress by unlocking one of their talents or passive skills. Do that, and you'll continue making more progress in one of the best Android games available.

Characters and weapons can only ascend if the right materials and requirements are met. You can't make it into the high-level dungeons unless you take the time to ascend your characters and weapons.

Genshin Impact: How to ascend characters

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In order to ascend Genshin Impact characters, you will need to cap out your character's current max level, reach specific Adventure Ranks, and have the necessary materials to actually ascend.

Swipe to scroll horizontally
Max LevelAdventure Rank
Level 20Default
Level 40Rank 15
Level 50Rank 25
Level 60Rank 30
Level 70Rank 35
Level 80Rank 45
Level 90Rank 50

Continue to work on your Adventure Rank by talking to the Receptionists at any Adventurer's Guild counter. You must manually redeem your rewards to move up Adventure Rank levels.

Genshin Impact Adventure Rank

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Step-by-step ascension instructions

1. Go to the Character Menu for the character you want to ascend.

2. Select Attributes.

3. Look to the bottom right corner where the Level Up button usually appears. If your character cannot level up any further and you have the materials necessary, this button will read Ascend instead. Tap this button.

4. This will take you to a screen that shows you what materials you need to complete this action. You can click on the items to learn where to get them. If you have them all, select Ascend again.

5. The stats from the Ascension will appear. Select Confirm to continue.

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Now continue the process for any other characters that have reached their current level cap and that you have the required materials for.

Genshin Impact: Character ascension materials chart

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The more times a character ascends, the more complex the materials needed to ascend become. Here are the base descriptions for the materials that each character needs.

As a rule of thumb, characters of the same element will use the same type of gems. The rest of the materials are usually found throughout specific locations or dropped by bosses. 

Swipe to scroll horizontally
CharacterMaterialsTalent Books
Albedo Prithiva Topaz, Basalt Pillar, Cecilia, Samachurl ScrollsBallad
AloyShivada Jade, Crystal Marrow, Spectral Cores, Crystalline BloomFreedom
AmberAgnidus Agate, Everflame Seed, Small Lamp Grass, Hilichurl ArrowheadsFreedom
Arrataki IttoPrithiva Topaz, Onikabuto, Slime, Riftborn RegaliaElegance
BarbaraVarunada Lazurite, Cleansing Heart, Philanemo Mushroom, Samachurl Scrolls Freedom
BeidouVajrada Amethyst, Lightning Prism, Noctilucous Jade, Treasure Hoarder InsigniaGold
BennettAgnidus Agate, Everflame Seed, Windwheel Aster, Treasure Hoarder InsigniaResistance
ChongyunShivada Jade, Hoarfrost Core, Cor Lapis, Hilichurl MasksDiligence
ColleiNagadus Emerald, Rukkhashava Mushrooms, Hilichurl Arrowheads, Majestic Hooked BeakPraxis
DilucAgnidus Agate, Everflame Seed, Small Lamp Grass, Fatui InsigniasResistance
DionaShivada Jade, Hoarfrost Core, Calla Lily, Hilichurl ArrowheadsFreedom
EulaShivada Jade, Crystalline Bloom, Dandelion Seed, Hilichurl MasksResistance
FischlVajrada Amethyst, Lightning Prism, Calla Lily, Hilichurl ArrowheadsBallad
GanyuShivada Jade, Hoarfrost Core, Qingxin, Whopperflower NectarDiligence
GorouPrithiva Topaz, Sango Pearl, Spectral Cores, Perpetual HeartLight
Hu TaoAgnidus Agate, Juvenile Jade, Silk Flower, Whopperflower NectarDiligence
JeanVayuda Turqoise, Hurricane Seed, Dandelion Seed, Hilichurl MasksResistance
Kaedehara KazuhaVayuda Turquoise, Sea Ganoderma, Treasure Hoarder Insignia, Marionette CoreDiligence
KaeyaShivada Jade, Hoarfrost Core, Calla Lily, Treasure Hoarder InsigniaBallad
Kamisato AyakaShivada Jade, Sakura Bloom, Nobushi Handguards, Perpetual HeartElegance
Kamisato AyatoVarunada Lazurite, Sakura Bloom, Nobushi Handguards, Dew of RepudiationElegance
KeqingVajrada Amethyst, Lightning Prism, Cor Lapis, Whopperflower NectarProsperity
KleeAgnidus Agate, Everflame Seed, Pilanemo Mushroom, Samachurl ScrollsFreedom
Kujuo SaraVajrada Amethyst, Dendrobium, Hilchurl Masks, Storm BeadsElegance
Kuki ShinobuVajrada Amethyst, Naku Weed, Spectral Cores, Runic FangElegance
LisaVajrada Amethyst, Lightning Prism, Valberry, SlimeBallad
MonaVarunada Lazurite, Cleansing Heart, Philanemo Mushroom, Whopperflower NectarResistance
NingguangPrithiva Topaz, Basalt Pillar, Glaze Lily, Treasure Hoarder InsigniaProsperity
NoellePrithiva Topaz, Basalt Pillar, Valberry, Hilichurl MasksResistance
QiqiShivada Jade, Hoarfrost Core, Violetgrass, Samachurl ScrollsProsperity
Raiden ShogunVajrada Amethyst, Amakumo Fruit, Nobushi Handguards, Storm BeadsLight
RazorVajrada Amethyst, Lightning Prism, Wolfhook, Hilichurl MasksResistance
RosariaShivada Jade, Hoarfrost Core, Valberry, Treasure Hoarder InsigniaBallad
Sangonomiya KokomiVarunada Lazurite, Sango Pearl, Spectral Cores, Dew of RepudiationTransience
SayuVayuda Turqoise, Crystal Marrow, Whopperflower Nectar, Mationette CoreLight
ShenheShivada Jade, Qingxin, Whopperflower Nectar, Dragonheir's False FinPropserity
Shikanoin HeizouVayuda Turqoise, Onikabuto, Treasure Hoarder Insignia, Runic FangTransience
SucroseVayuda Turqoise, Hurricane Seed, Windwheel Aster, Whopperflower NectarFreedom
Tartaglia (Childe)Varunada Lazurite, Cleansing Heart, Starconch, Treasure Hoarder InsigniaFreedom
ThomaAgnidus Agate, Fluorescent Fungus, Treasure Hoarder Insignia, Smoldering Pearl Transience
TighnariNagadus Emerald, Nilotpala Lotus, Fungal Spores, Majestic Hooked BeakAdmonition
VentiVayuda Turqoise, Hurricane Seed, Cecilia, SlimeBallad
XianglingAgnidus Agate, Everflame Seed, Jueyun Chili, SlimeDiligence
XiaoVayuda Turqoise, Juvenile Jade○ Qingxin○ SlimeProperity
XingqiuVarunada Lazurite, Cleansing Heart, Silk Flower, Hilichurl MasksGold
XinyanAgnidus Agate, Everflame Seed, Violetgrass, Treasure Hoarder InsigniaGold
Yae MikoVajrada Amethyst, Sea Ganoderma, Nobushi Handguards, Dragonheir's False FinLight
YanfeiAgnidus Agate, Juvenile Jade, Noctilucous Jade, Treasure Hoarder InsigniaGold
YelanVarunada Lazurite, Starconch, Fatui Insignia, Runic Fang, Propersity
YoimiyaAgnidus Agate, Naku Weed, Samachurl Scrolls, Smoldering PearlTransience
Yun JinPrithiva Topaz, Glaze Lily, Hilichurl Masks, Riftborn RegaliaDiligence
ZhongliPrithiva Topaz, Basalt Pillar, Cor Lapis, SlimeGold

Genshin Impact: How to ascend weapons

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You will need to have reached a specific Adventure Rank, capped at your current rank's max level, and have the required materials in order to ascend weapons. Ascension levels are as follows:

Swipe to scroll horizontally
Max LevelAdventure Rank
Level 20Default
Level 40Rank 15
Level 50Rank 25
Level 60Rank 30
Level 70Rank 35
Level 80Rank 45
Level 90Rank 50

Continue to level up your weapons until they reach a level cap. Once that happens, if you have the proper materials on hand and have reached the next required Adventure Rank, you'll be able to ascend your weapon and continue leveling it up.

Genshin Impact: How to get ascension materials

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There are five different ways to acquire Ascension Materials and you'll need to participate in all five methods to ascend your characters and weapons.

  1. Souvenir Shops: Go to a shop with a Diamond symbol and exchange Ascension Materials for Sigils. These sigils are commonly found in treasure chests.
  2. Boss Fights: Some of the items you need can only be acquired after beating bosses. You can always go into your menu and check the Adventurer Handbook to see what items a boss drops upon defeat.
  3. Mining and Collecting: Run around the map collecting items and mining everything you see. It's easiest to mine from stones using explosives or a claymore.
  4. Alchemy and Crafting: Interact with the Crafting Bench or an Alchemy table to obtain rare items.
  5. Traveling Merchants and Botanists: You'll likely come across traveling NPCs on your journey. You'll often find these mobile marketers selling Ascension Materials.

On another level

Once you've ascended, you'll be able to continue leveling up your character so they become stronger. Ascension is a necessary part of getting further into the Genshin Impact world, so make sure you take the time to acquire the proper materials and ascend when you can.

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