This Quest 2 Prime Day deal makes it half the price of a Quest 3

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Unless you've been living under a rock, it's entirely likely that you're already aware that the Meta Quest 3 comes out in just a few months. Why, then, would you ever consider buying a Quest 2 at this point? First off, the price. Thanks to this Black Friday in July sale at Best Buy, the Quest 2 is exactly half the price of the Quest 3.

The Quest 2 recently dropped back down to $299 and Best Buy is throwing in a free $50 Best Buy gift card with any purchase, making it just $250 — again, half the price of the $499 Quest 3 when it debuts in a few months. There's nothing quite as refreshing as knowing you saved $200 or more by making a wise decision.

Meta Quest 2 128GB: $299 with free $50 eGift card at Best Buy

Meta Quest 2 128GB: $299 with free $50 eGift card at Best Buy

The Meta Quest 2, formerly known as the Oculus Quest 2, is the best VR headset money can buy right now. It works entirely on its own without cords or computers and plays thousands of VR games that'll immerse you like no other gaming console before it. Plus, it's at its lowest price ever on Prime Day with this deal!

Amazon isn't offering any kind of Quest 2 Prime Day deal this year, so this is your best bet to grab this amazing VR headset at the best price ever.

While it's not the same as just getting $50 slashed off the price, getting a $50 gift card at Best Buy is the second-best thing. The Meta Quest 2 is an all-in-one VR headset that doesn't require a computer or smartphone to work. It's a VR console and — just like a Nintendo Switch — can be taken to go and played anywhere you want.

Speaking of games, the best Quest games will all be available on the Quest 2 for a long time to come. Meta has sold over 20 million Quest 2 units and won't be abandoning its flagship product any time soon. You can rest assured knowing that you and 20 million other gamers will be enjoying great games for quite some time yet.

And, unlike Amazon, Best Buy doesn't require a membership to get this price. That means you can take that $50 eGift card and put it towards any of the Black Friday in July deals going on at Best Buy right now, effectively multiplying your cashback by using it toward an item that's currently on sale. Now that's some clever thinking!

But what if you need more space? Once you've determined whether the Quest 2 128GB or 256GB is right for you, know that either size comes with the same $50 eGift card from Best Buy.

Meta Quest 2 256GB: $349 with $50 eGift card at Best Buy

Meta Quest 2 256GB: $349 with $50 eGift card at Best Buy

Need more games? Then you need more space. For just $50 more, you can get double the storage and keep downloading games to your heart's content!

If that wasn't enough, Amazon actually has lots of Quest 2 accessories on sale for Prime Day that will make the Quest 2 more comfortable, increase battery life for longer gaming sessions, and even add in extras like hand grips or IR lights for nighttime play.

The GeekVR Q2 Pro is the head strap we most recommend for Quest 2 users as it adds in a level of comfort the default cloth strap could never dream of. Extra plush padding all around your head is only rivaled by the weight balance this head strap delivers.

GeekVR Q2 Pro head strap: $69.99 $42.99 at Amazon

GeekVR Q2 Pro head strap: $69.99 $42.99 at Amazon

Plus an extra 10% off when you clip the coupon.

Get the most comfortable Quest 2 head strap available with the GeekVR Q2 Pro and keep gaming for a long time thanks to luscious padding and magnetically interchangeable, rechargeable battery packs. Don't forget to check that 10% off box on the Amazon listing to clip the extra coupon, too!

It's easy to adjust thanks to the handy adjustment wheel on the back and, best yet, the magnetically interchangeable and rechargeable battery packs can be hot-swapped while playing.

The head strap comes with one battery but you can buy additional packs for just $20 on Prime Day, a $5 savings over the normal price. Each additional battery will extend your VR playing sessions by up to 3 hours.

Plus, that Prime Day deal has an extra 10% off right now when you clip the coupon on the listing page. What are you waiting for? Jump into VR right now and get to playing some amazing games today.

And, hey, feel free to friend me on the Meta Quest app so we can play together! I play VR all the time and would love the chance to game with some of our readers.

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