Jordan Peele's upcoming film NOPE is now a Horizon Worlds experience

Horizon Worlds Nope
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What you need to know

  • Jordan Peele's upcoming film NOPE is now a playable experience in Horizon Worlds on Oculus Quest and Quest 2.
  • It features two worlds with a train containing various Easter eggs and the other taking place at the Haywood Ranch from the film's trailers.
  • Two more levels based on Get Out and US will be coming to Horizon Worlds later this summer.

Director Jordan Peele's upcoming science fiction horror film NOPE has become a playable social space within Meta's Horizon Worlds game on Oculus Quest and Oculus Quest 2 starting today.

The multi-word space starts with the level All Aboard where players hop onto the Monkeypaw train, named after Jordan Peele's Monkeypaw Productions company. Meta Quest 2 players can walk around on the train and discover Easter eggs from NOPE and Peele's previous movies, Get Out and Us.

Then players will be transported to NOPE World: by Monkeypaw Productions, which recreates the Haywood Ranch from the film and includes several minigames including riding a motorcycle, chucking barrels of hay, and getting sucked up by the enormous cloud.

The levels were built in collaboration with Monkeypaw Productions and Horizon Worlds VR creators Ashley Briley, Matt Torres, and Samantha Nunoo. The team of creators were not given any information about the film beyond the trailers, so the levels do not contain any spoilers for the film coming to theaters on July 22.

“Monkeypaw has been great at providing feedback and helping us bring in details from the movie,” said Matt Torres. “We’ve watched the trailers so many times and got to bring in elements that we loved. Meta has also been key in helping us hone in on ideas for the world. It’s a great place to hang out and experience what it’s like being at Haywood Ranch.”

Two additional spaces, Get Out World: by Monkeypaw Productions and Us World: by Monkeypaw Productions, will be coming to Horizon Worlds this summer. Peele's movie franchise is the latest addition of promoting products through Meta's social game and metaverse following the NBA, Fender, MINI, and Post Malone's new VR concert film later this week.

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