Horizon Worlds gets official NBA Lane experience for limited time

Horizon Worlds
(Image credit: Meta)

What you need to know

  • The National Basketball League (NBA) is celebrating 75 years and is currently in the midst of the conference semifinals.
  • Meta's social space game Horizon Worlds is featuring a NBA-themed world where players can check out game clips or participate in various basketball contests with friends.
  • The NBA Lane experience will only be available in Horizon Worlds until June 30.

Meta announced today that those already knee-deep in basketball coverage can consume more of it in virtual reality with the NBA Lane experience in Horizon Worlds for a limited time.

The basketball-themed social space celebrates 75 years of the sports league with various games to play and memorabilia to check out in VR on the Oculus Quest 2. Players can challenge each other to score the most points with a moving hoop in a free throw shootout, or impress virtual judges in the low-gravity dunk contest.

The space features a giant screen that show the current Western and Eastern Conference brackets alongside playing various NBA clips such as game highlights and player interviews. Those in the space can also take a picture with the recently unveiled Larry O’Brien trophy, completely recreated in VR, and share those pictures on social media if one where to choose so.

The NBA Lane experience can be found in Horizon Worlds by navigating to the Events tab and selecting to join NBA Lane from the Featured Events list. The experience will only be available for a limited time starting today until June 30.

Meta has been continuing to expand on the social space game after it announced last month it would be testing in-game purchases and allowing Horizon Worlds creators to profit off their virtual goods. The game is also planned to launch on mobile by the end of 2022, and is in "early discussions" for consoles.

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