Fender and MINI get their own branded Horizon World levels

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What you need to know

  • Two new Horizon Worlds spaces are available to play starting today for Oculus Quest 2 users.
  • One space features a virtual scavenger hunt on floating islands surrounding a giant Fender Stratocaster guitar-shaped island.
  • The other space is a four-player racing minigame with MINI branded cars and accessories.

Horizon Worlds players can join two new themed social spaces by the Fender Musical Instruments Corporation and BMW's automotive brand MINI starting today. The levels are available for Oculus Quest 2 users in the United States and Canada, or demoed for those attending the currently ongoing Cannes Lions festival in Cannes, France.

The "Fender Stratoverse" space tasks players with searching floating islands, some shaped like Fender-branded guitars and amps, for musical chords that can be used to make looping tracks in the "Riff Maker." Players can modify the chords by changing them to major or minor scales, and even record the track if the players can find four golden picks scattered around the level. 

The floating islands also feature air guitar zones so you can wave your arms with Meta Quest 2 controllers as if you were playing a guitar, and a flying Fender foot pedal to ferry you across various planets.

The other space introduced today is called the "MINIverse" and features a racing minigame with MINI cars. Up to four players can race each other on a track with vertically inclined roads and even a loop. 

Spectators can help or interfere with the racers by supplying speed boosts, flicking cars off the road, and block them with giant pins with a series of buttons. The level also allows players to customize their MINI cars, try on different racing suits, and unlock a special EV MINI model by winning races.

More corporations have been showcasing their brands through Meta's metaverse platform. Wendys and the NBA have created their own Horizon Worlds spaces, while high-end fashion brands like Balenciaga and Prada will sell digital clothes on Meta's Avatars Store starting this week.

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