How long do Quest 3 controller batteries last?

Hands-on with the Meta Quest 3 Touch Plus controllers
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How long will your Quest 3 controller battery last?

Best answer: Your mileage will vary depending on the type of AA battery you use and how frequently you play. In our experience, the Quest 3 Touch Plus controllers will last six to eight weeks per charge while using the console regularly, with shorter intervals if you play daily.

The Meta Quest 3 controllers ship with batteries inserted that are inactive until you pull a tab; after that, you'll need to insert one AA battery in each controller.

How the Quest 3 controller battery life compares to the rest

The Oculus Quest 2 Touch controllers tended to last about three months per charge in our experience, or even longer if you played infrequently.

One key Quest 3 vs. Quest 2 difference is that the newer controllers add TruTouch haptic motors spread throughout the controller — where the Quest 2 had only one motor — giving you a more immersive experience. But the extra haptics also burn through the battery at a slightly faster rate than before.

The Quest 3 controllers also lack a tracking ring and rely more on embedded LEDs across the body, but this probably doesn't affect the battery life as much.

If you use the Quest Pro controllers, which have built-in Snapdragon chips for independent tracking data, they'll last you eight hours per charge. These controllers actually sync with the Quest 3 if you want better accuracy, but they're quite expensive and their short battery life is a real downside.

Compared to the Quest 3 headset's battery life, often as short as two hours per play session, any of these controller options will work for you.

Which Quest 3 controller battery should you use?

We didn't include the official Quest 3 Charging Dock in our list of the best Quest 3 accessories because of how pricey it is. If you do decide to buy it, you should know that it doesn't merely charge the headset: it comes with two rechargeable controller battery packs that charge when you dock the controllers. That way, your Quest 3 controller battery life will persist indefinitely.

If the Charging Dock is too large or costly for you, you can buy a four-pack of rechargeable AA batteries and keep them on rotation, charging the other pair once the Quest 3 warns you that your controller battery percentage is low. Our old guide on Quest 2 AA controller batteries should point you to a few good options.

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